Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog Swap Gift Arrival!!!

Today I got my gift from the "my favorite things" swap that Kati with Hosted. She did a great job picking my swap buddy!! My buddy is Heather from "But I Don't Want to be a Cowboy" and she is just awesome!!! I love reading her blog and she has the cutest kiddos!!!

from that storm and couldn't get her address...So when I received my package today I feel a little silly about mine because Heather sent me a whole array of different things, and my gift is all in the one neighborhood of gifts So back to my swap....Heather I hope you forgive me for not being the best swap buddy LOL!! I forgot to enclose a card with my package:( On top of it being late because I was without InternetLOL!! I really hope you like it!! I love mine!! Now before you look at the pictures you might notice something a little funny....You will see a tiny baseball with some red, white, and blue ribbon around it....Well that there was also a "baseball bat" made of a huge pretzel stick covered in chocolate...And that bat found my belly before I thought to take the picture, actually as I was taking in the last bite of it I thought "OH NO, I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PICTURE FIRST"!!!! Oh well I'm sure you don't want to see it now :~)

These are the many things that I got!!!! Lots of goodies, Thanks Heather!!!!

Since the picture doesn't show it quite well enough I'm going to share with you some of Heather's favorite things:

The book "The Secret Garden"
The Princess Bride movie
Mr Clean Magic Eraser's (and I so know why you love them lol)
Morning Glory flower seeds
and she definitely loves Ohio State "Go Bucks"!!
an awesome stamp that says "Home is Where your Heart Lives" I love that!!
Olay foaming facial wash, thank you I'm about out!!
a yummy Sugar Cookie candle
Snow Man light for Christmas...It's so cute and snowmen are my favorite!!
Chocolate, love it thank you!!
Now I also learned something from the gifts, Ohio state tree is the "Buckeye" so they have a signature candy that looks like a nut from the tree and the chocolate is called "Ohio Buckeye", I got a package of that AND the recipe to make it!!
And to top it all off Heather made me a CD of her favorite music, artists, and bands!! How cool is she!!

And thank you for the card, that was so cute and very sweet of you!!


  1. AWESOME swap box! I can hardly wait to see what's in mine.

  2. You got a lot of great stuff. I forgot to put my card with a letter in my box too. I found it in my purse after I sent it off. lol

  3. I sent a magic eraser to my buddy too, I think that is a lot of peoples favorite things. I had a great time with the swap, glad you did too :)

  4. wow look at all of those goodies you got!

  5. Look at all the great things you got!


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