Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Perplexed and in Need of Some Help

Our filly that was born here on the ranch back in March has some issues going on...I'm hoping that some of you may have some idea as to what is going on with her because I have not ever encountered this type of issue before...

So about a month ago Angel had what appeared to be a scrape on her face except for it wasn't an actual scrape just a couple of lines where she had no hair. Which I didn't think much of it because I just figured she had hit her face and took off the hair. Well that has been some time and it looks exactly the same...So as of late she has been having these spots on her body that again looked like a bare skin spot but after closer examination I realized there is actually hair there it's just really dark. This little filly I believe will be a sorrel, she looks like a red dun not but I don't think that's genetically possible between the sire and dam. She also has yet to shed her winter coat as it was still cold here when she was born (FYI- I didn't have her bred for that time frame her previous owners did, I always like my foals born late April to May with our climate). So I am going to post these pictures and hopefully some of you have some insight to this..So please pass this along to your horse friends as well and ask them if they would come over and help me with this..

Spot on lower neck

Underside view, bottom of her neck and some leg

She has these little speckles every where also...

Up close of the spot on her neck

Legs, and yes it is hair there...

Other side of her face


  1. I have no idea! But she sure is a beauty!

  2. I have actually seen something like this before but can't remember what it is.
    I hope someone can give you some insight! Good luck! She is a beautiful little filly!

  3. Perfectly normal. She may change colors on you several times before she is done. Does she have them right in front of her fetlocks too? All mine do that, and it took me years to realize that it was happening to ALL of them and not some flesh eating disease.

    Babies are weird, no doubt about it.

  4. LOL Paige!!! You know I have not noticed it on the front of her fetlocks...I will check in the daylight LOL!! I had a gelding last year shed out really funny, I mean he looked like he had mange but it was just his summer coat coming through and he was a liver chestnut last year and this year he has shed out a real copper sorrel, and he's 15 yrs old LOL!! OK thanks Paige I just haven't had a foal of this color before so I have never had "funny" shedding out times...Hmm I wonder what she'll be LOL!! Spotted for now I guess!!!


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