Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Here...Finally it's Here!!! Rodeo Begins Tonight!!!

Well I think we are ready!! DD did some rodeo practicing tonight, and man did she do GREAT!!! I am so proud of how far she has come!!! She rocked that's all I can say LOL!!!! So tonight is the first in the series she will run called GHYR, and I am so excited to see how they do!!! Of course she is riding Pete, as Ebony is not quite ready yet. But I can't complain with him, he's just a great horse for her!! Hopefully he will keep his excitement under control, he has in the past gotten amped up and reared on her a few times but she handles it well and has been thoroughly trained on what to do when he does this...So I will be praying for safety first and foremost and then just a great time for her!! Some warming up!! The diva even primps while she rides LOL!! JK!! Now I want to know...Who wouldn't love this gorgeous face!!! Gotta keep him a little tighter for these turns... Great turn!!! Tons of power and speed!!! Bringing it home with speed!! DD says "hey mom, take my picture"!! So of course I did, now with that said she should not have been sitting on her horse like this....She's pretty sure he's not going anywhere...Kids!! Oh now that's much better!! DD teaching her friend and fellow rodeo'r how to goat tie the "big girl" way...This is T's first year tying the "big girl" way!! I know she looks older but she's only 7!!


  1. I love it! DD looks so good on Pete! I think they will have a good year. I remember the days of sitting on my horses and putting my legs up on the saddle! I can't do that anymore, my knees can't go up like that after surgery!
    I wonder how my goats would feel about goat tying? Ha! Don't think I'd want to try that with them, they weigh more than me!

  2. LOL, yes your goats are big!! Oh they did OK tonight...I will post about it tomorrow...


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