Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Custom Designed Necklace!!!!

As some of you may remember a few weeks ago Kristen from La Dolce Vita and Jen from Therapeutic Reviews & Giveaways were having a contest for Mother's Day where you design your own Mother's Day gift and I have a saying that I just love!!! I even have it on my wall!! It is "All Because Two People Fell in Love".. And lo and behold I was announced as 1 of the 2 winners!!!! I was so thrilled when I was notified of this!!!! Kristen notified me last week that she was done with my necklace and I received it in the mail today!!!! And guess what?!?! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks so much to Kristen and Jen for putting on this giveaway!!! And Kristen does awesome work with her custom hand stamped jewelry!!! So if you haven't checked her out get on over there and do it!!! You can visit her Etsy shop HERE, do it you'll love it!!!

Thanks Kristen!!!!

My Custom Hand Stamped Design!! Also Showcasing the Birthstones of my Kiddo's!!!

I Just LOVE it!!!!


  1. What a great saying! The necklace is beautiful.

  2. I too love that saying and it goes great on a necklace!! Looks great! Have a sweet Sunday!

  3. Very nice! Glad you won, it's so much fun getting the stuff in the mail.


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