Friday, May 8, 2009

A little of this and that....

I know everyone is waiting patiently for our name pick for the colt, and unfortunately we still have not decided OMGosh....I tell DD everyday when she gets home from school that tonight is the night...Then never fails, we forget because we are to stinkin busy!! I didn't get a post up last night as I was once again without internet!! So this week we are preparing for the big TOP dance competition that DD is doing this weekend!! I am so excited they have been working so hard, I was so thrilled because I was going to film it and share it with you all but per contest guidelines we can't have any camera's or camcorders...Ahh!!! That really makes me mad, you know we pay for our kids to do this and I think we should be allowed to record them if we want to!!! I will at least be satisfied if I can purchase a video or something...I just hate not having her things on video, you know I am just a huge picture taking, video filming freak LOL!! So that was our night tonight for her, DD went to her bestie Tay Tay's to practice and had a blast. We did some chores around the ranch!!

J mowing the forest for us...I mean our yard :~)

Today J gave me my Mother's Day gift, he says because he was afraid he would break it by Sunday. I think he was just really excited and wanted to give it to me. Whatever the reason I don't care, I just LOVE it!! He has been doing woodworking in school and has spent the last 6 weeks making me a wooden vase. This vase is made up of 5 different types of wood and has a glass tube in the middle to put a flower in. I mean to tell you I was a bit teary eyed when he gave this to me with such a smile on his face. I am so proud of him, and I am such a blessed Mommy. I can never tell you all enough what a great kid he is, he just never ceases to amaze me with the things that he does. And I must say this is THE BEST Mother's Day gift I have ever received!!

I am going to post on my "Random Happenings" blog some random pictures of the 2 foals for those of you who love to look at baby pictures!! And a couple of pictures for my future introductions :~)


  1. Just stopping in to say hi. What a beautiful vase! Are you drying out there? We are finally drying out after all the snow and flooding...but it is supposed to rain today! NO! We need to get into the field!!

  2. That vase is really cool! That is so sweet of J! You are lucky to have such wonderful kids!

  3. What a beautiful and unique vase. I bet J was excited to give it to you, that obviously took a lot of work.

    The babies are looking good. Seeing everyone else's gets me pumped for mine to get here.

  4. FC- I know this wetness is ridiculous!!! We have started to dry out but like you we have more coming :( It's horrible the wheat around here is so confused!!

    Thanks girls, he did work hard on it and the pictures don't give it justice!!

    BEC- I'm so excited for yours to come!!! This is my favorite time of the year LOL, all the new babies!!!

  5. What a wonderful Mother's Day present! You know I've seen similar pieces that people are selliong for like $50 or more!


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