Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is that a Pack Mule I See?!?! NO...Wait that's Lil Cowboy!!

Today we had the delivery of our pig feed! Which is really a great thing because we were in dire need of it, having already borrowed some from a friend. A group of us have a special feed made at a COOP in a town nearby, so my BIL today was kind enough to go get it for us! Tonight J, DD, and I were gone to DD's last "official" gymnastics and dance lessons before recital. So when we got home we were greeted with my Hubby, BIL, and LIL Cowboy unloading all 2,500 lbs of feed...WOW talk about pigs eating like pigs LOL!!! Yes I made myself laugh :)

When the kids and I pulled into the drive we noticed that the boys were over unloading all of that feed into the grain bin. So I go traipsing over to say hi and see how it's going, and then I see it...My little nephew "LIL Cowboy" who weighs all of maybe 50 lbs carrying these 50 lb bags on his back to the grain bin...I can't express how amazed I was to see this little guy doing work with the big boys!! I mean he always loves to give a helping hand, but to carry this weight was a lot, but he didn't act like it bothered him a bit!! Now I say that is the truest of "Cowboy Up"!! I was so proud of him I said you know what pack mule (that's what the big boys were calling him) I think I should take your picture! He says "well sure, go ahead and do it I don't mind" LOL!!! I just love him he is so cute!!! I said "well you can bet your hinney that's what I'm gonna do"!!

Here's our little Pack Mule!!

I'm pretty sure the bag is bigger than him!! Giving me a peek for the picture :)

DD making faces as she observes...No working in flip flops LOL!!

Loading the little mule LOL!!

And away he goes...

He's a pretty strong boy!!

Oh and J was helping too!!


  1. What a strong little mule you got there! I can't believe he can carry those 50 lb bags! I can barely carry one and I way twice as much as the little mule! He's one tuff cowboy!
    Love your new header!

  2. I know!!! Little Cowboy is my awesome nephew, he does a lot of outdoor things. he likes to help his Dad with anything so he's a pretty strong Cowboy!!

    Thanks, I wanted the header to be bigger...Still working on that LOL!!

  3. wow he is very strong fir a little cowboy I think it is so cool that you live on a ranch!

  4. Kristen~ He sure is a strong cowboy!! Yes it is a great place to be, in the middle of no-where!!! At least middle of no-where country side LOL, our town is about 9-10 miles away!!