Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SOOO We Said No Injuries...Right?!

SO in my last post I asked everyone for some prayers that we have NO injuries at the game this Friday! I think I need to revise that request and include NO injuries at practice either!!!

NOOO J did not get hurt! But...He did hurt another kid...:( They were doing tackling drills today at practice and it was 3 kids per drill and he was tackling a freshman from the JV team and well..Long story confusing story...He facilitated in breaking the young mans arm *insert tears*...J went down low to tackle and the boy tried to jump over him so J jumped up and flipped him over with the boy trying to break his fall with his arm and J said literally you could hear it snap...He said "it was so crazy Mom, coach asked him if he was okay and did he need any water and he said....No but can I get some Koolaid" LOL LOL LOL!! J said the young man kept good in spirits through out the whole ordeal but would ya'll please shoot up some prayers for him! And for J...I know my kid and he's gonna be blaming himself for this one...


  1. Oh my gosh! I cringed when I read the title before the post!

    Praying for that kiddo's arm... ouch!

  2. Yes, praying for him and J. One of the hazzards of a contact sport. Lets hope the rest of the year goes by okey. Hang in there MOM. jo

  3. Football is like horses: it's not a matter of "if," but "when." Prayers coming.

  4. Oh goodness! Glad it was just an arm and not a neck or something real serious. Like I used to tell the husband when he got hurt riding bulls, awww, you have another one, use it! (when he hurt his ankle)!

  5. Oh No !!! Glad was just an arm, nothing too serious.

  6. What Leah said.....I'm just so grateful my twin sons have never shown any interest in football. So many injuries and often many lasting effects, too.
    Prayers for all who were affected by this accident.