Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Horsey Butts?!?!

Here in our neck of the woods we are working on staying afloat! Mild temperatures and lots of rain have taken over our last few weeks. I always love Spring for the showers it brings!! However I think my horsey's might just be getting tired of it...

Shortly before one of our storms last week I was on the hunt to find my 3 young mischief's...Had myself a little heart failure when I realized they weren't out in the pasture anywhere!

Lo and behold they had crammed themselves into the small side of the barn they have! I promise this really only houses 1 full sized horse comfortably!!

I hollered at them and Bubba pops out like *who me*?!

Here was the start of some rotating clouds over our place!


  1. Take care during this tornado season. Hope you don't have that bad of storms there this year. Hope your back is doing okey./jo

  2. Oh man, what great (scary) stormy weather! Makes for great pictures, huh? We got rain here in SoCal today; it was bizarre! What a bunch of goof-ball ponies you have! What, does the rain make them melt?? Haha, stay safe and keep taking these great photos!

  3. LOL! I love the pictures - they really tell the story!

    My girl and her pals end up crammed in the tiny little run-in... everyone swears they don't get along, but they sure figure out how to be nice when they need to share the space!

    Still LOLing at the pictures!

  4. That is a great photo of the storm which does really look scary.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.

  5. I love storm pictures but not the storms! Catch 22, huh! Stay safe during this spring.

  6. I love the first picture -- lone haybale -- those clouds look a bit wicked! Cute butt picture and all squeezing into shelter!

  7. Love the horsie butts peeking out from their cubby. hehe!

    Wow! Those are some moody skies!



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