Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wild Sunday Storms!

Sunday here in KS was a beautiful day!! We had endured horrendous winds for a couple of weeks and finally they dissipated, it was a much needed breath of fresh air (not the wind of course, but them leaving)!! We were so enjoying our day and were just gearing up for some much needed yard work when this crazy storm popped up and blew through our county.

First spotting of the storm rolling in..

Storm meeting our previously blue sky!

As the storm progressed the sky got darker and darker!

This picture I added a touch of sepia to, the rest are mostly SOOC!

This was just AMAZING to watch transform!


  1. Holy cow that's one angry storm! Very beautiful pictures though!

  2. I would be starting to head for the storm shelter!

  3. We had some nasty looking clouds on Sunday also but they blew South. Great photo shots of the clouds.Glad that everything is ok now.

  4. Wow, what amazing pictures, so powerful and a bit scary! I take it you were all ok?

  5. A bit scary!! Awesome photos though! I love the one with animals in the back. You were o.k. right?

  6. Oh YES they were angry clouds! It was quite a storm but strictly stormy in nature! They put out a warning for our county that funnels could form but would likely not touch down and if they did they would be short in time. Yes we were all ok! Thank you for asking all!!


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