Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Uh Yeah We Should Have Named Her Grace...

So yeah I just realized I didn't share this with everyone...We have come to a conclusion in our house. DD should have been named Grace *no offense to anyone with that name as it is a beautiful name it's just slang for klutzo around here*! Literally this girl can look at something and get hurt!

Here she was last weekend at her TOP Dance Competition

Now here she is 3 days later...Sorry I know you can't see it real well but her right hand is all wrapped up bout midway on her arm.

Now not to be confused because l did know she actually had *an* injury then but I wasn't being a good attentive mommy and rushing her to the DR! Now don't go gettin all in a tiffy calling SRS on me! We just thought her finger was jammed!

Seriously I was gone to a meeting for 2 hours and come back and she's all puffy in the face been crying her eyes out so I ask what are all the tears about and she shows me a slightly bruised swollen finger. So I ask her what the heck she did?! She says "I was playing soccer out front and I kicked the ball way up high and went to catch it and jammed my finger"! Who does that?! Gets injured playing by themselves! So I have our resident Dr J look at it and he says it just jammed so we iced it and went to bed. After the main swelling went down her finger was still puffy between her top knuckle to her middle knuckle and resident Dr J said he now thinks it is broken on that bone. You may be asking yourself why I ask my 15 *nearly 16 in my defense* son about her injury, but he has had training at school and this is the exact field he is leaning towards career wise. He had set his heart on being an FFA teacher but in the last few months he has realized he's pretty good in the sports medicine type issues! So anyhoo...I took her to the Dr and they X-rayed and sure enough it's broken right where J thought it was! So my girl has to keep this brace on for a few weeks! Hopefully not to long because she has recital coming up and that would suck!

Oh and I might add just as an example why I call her Grace....Right after I called the Dr's office to schedule her appt she was going into the other room and stubbed her pinky toe on the chair then proceeded to wallow around on the floor for 15 minutes thinking she broke her toe! Then as soon as she got up she says "ohhh and I hit my knee on the shower ledge this morning getting out"!! All of said injury's happened on the same side of her body!! I told her I'm gonna wrap her in bubble wrap!!


  1. Oh My Goodness! Sounds like DD and I would get along famously! We'd probably have competitions on who could injure themselves in the weirdest way, ha ha.

    Poor thing - I hope she feels much better soon!

    (Don't worry - Leiah has passed on her family nickname of "Graceless" to me, and tells me I could mess up a one car funeral...) hee hee!

  2. Oh dear, poor DD, I think she should sit down and read or maybe take up sewing (not knitting, those needles are sharp!) Seriously, give her my love. xx

  3. I can so relate...Megan is sooooo accident prone. She can hurt herself on things that just do not compute-LOL.

    Hope the injuries heal quickly...before the next bunch roll around-LOL.

  4. Sorry DD, I just had to laugh! Sounds like you're growing again, and you will be more "grace"ful in later years!

  5. I had to laugh cause I am just like her! And don't feel bad, I hurt my thumb in high school playing basketball. It was so swollen and purple. My brother even told my mom she needed to take me to the doctor. Her response (and she worked for a doctor), "even if it is broken, they can't do anything for it but put it in a splint. She'll be fine."

    The husband calls me Grace. I hurt myself constantly.

  6. Poor DD! Broken fingers are no fun! I've had my share of them, mostly from getting them rammed into the saddle... catching my own kick of a ball not so much!

    Hopefully it will heal fast and she won't be bothered by it.

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Grace is an appropriate oxymoron type of name for a dancer!

  8. I feel for her! I have the same problem. When I was younger I was in ballet and my parents figured I walked better in toe shoes than I did flat footed. In fact I did a ballet recital one year with a cast on my arm. I feel her pain. I hope she gets better!

  9. At least you're getting some laughs out of her! And she doesn't seem to fazed by any of it. What a tuff chic! Don't worry, clumsiness isn't all that bad. I've been plagued with it my entire life and have turned out (somewhat) ok. You should see the 5 inch wide bruise I acquired on my beach VACATION! Seriously, all I had to do was sit on the beach and I come home with a massive bruise! Hope she heals up fast!

  10. Yikes! Poor sweetie! I hope she heals quickly....AND doesn't get hurt anymore!