Friday, September 4, 2009

Well the Time Has Come to Sell a Few...

Some changes will be taking place around the Ranch here...After much thought and much talking the Hubby and I have decided it's time to sell a few horses ;( This is absolutely not something I was wanting to do at this point, however there are a few reasons why. When I broke my back 2 1/2 years ago I never thought I would still be having problems with it to this day...Well you know I just struggle with this constant pain and there isn't anything I can do about it. Working with horses requires physical strength that areas of my back do not have.

This summer I sent two 3 year old filly's to be broke and I sent DD's mare to get a tune up. After getting DD's mare back we just did not feel like she was right, I mean I rode her and she just didn't give the same attitude that she did when we bought her. We did figure out that she had a spot out in her back and 2 spots in her hip and also while the trainer had her they had her shod and they drove nails into the quick of her foot and then clipped them off at the surface!! My farrier had to do a bit of digging to get them out...The problem then came when Hubby wouldn't let me ride her in the open areas around here. I kind of just shrugged it off when he said it and I really didn't think it was a "real" concern. So we got one of the filly's back, Macy and when we got her she had that severe eye injury and she was off from riding for 45 days. Well when we saddled and rode her for the first time ourselves she was AWESOME!!! I mean this filly had approx. 40 rides on her and then spent all of that time off and was just very well behaved!! She will make a great horse for someone.. Then Mya, she is with a friend of mine who has worked off and on with her but due to his own time constraints and a couple of injury's himself she just does not have the progress that Macy has. Mya has only gotten about 10 rides put on her, I need to get her home and work with her myself (hence the problem) but she has good ground manners and I think she will break out nicely if she's worked with everyday. Then the last one is one of my yearlings Sissy, this little filly has got awesome blood lines but she really needs constant training something I just do not have time to do with all of my other ones.

So there you have it, that is the current group I'm selling. My Hubby finally confessed to me the other day that he just DOES NOT want me working with the horses at the breaking stage...He says I'm to fragile and I cannot afford to have another back injury or worse and not be here for the kids and him...Which I disagree with, I do not think I am fragile. I think I had an accident that has caused me some problems but they will either get worse or get better and sitting around doing nothing physical won't cure me!! But Hubby refuses to fix my facility for me to work these horses...So in trade I will continue to raise my babies and do all of the ground work with them up until breaking time which is what I have done for the last 2 years...And I will also be on the hunt for another well broke rodeo horse for my DD....Hubby talked with her about her mare and they decided she would be better as someone's everyday rider and not be exposed to the rodeo world. She is just the most loving horse with such a great temperament but she needs full attention something DD cannot do while helping me raise and work the other horses...

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're having to rearrange things. I'm a lot older than you are, but I'm having to face the fact that the stiffness in my right leg/hip from being tossed back in May could be with me forever. One thing I have learned: your body never forgets. All the abuse I heaped on mine in my younger years was dormant for a long time, but I'm remembering it all now.

    Your back is nothing to mess with.

  2. Oh I know that's a hard decision for you. But probably the right one considering the pain you have. Hope you have a great long weekend Michelle.

  3. Hey they all look like a good group of ponies, sorry you have to get rid of some, that's never a happy thing but I know you will find good homes for them and they will go on living productive happy lives so do be too sad! Keep us updated.

    My family feels the same way about my back....sigh....but I can't continue just not doing anything cause my back hurts. It's gonna tick them off but I will start riding again!

  4. What Leah said.
    I have hip displasia and now I have this bum knee. Being 43 doesn't seem to be helping any. It stinks when you're heart and mind are young...but your body isn't.

    I'm having to face the facts that I may never ride again, or only around the ranch...and at a walk. I'm also coming to grips and acceptance that it's ok just to own a a pet. Just being around horses is good enough.

    I'm sorry you're having to make these tough decisions and you're having to deal with back pain still. Have faith that it'll all work out just the way it's supposed to, my friend. :)


  5. heartfelt hugs... horses are of the head, hand and heart.. even as a newbie... I'm almost scared to look at your horse offerings ... she says repeat after me.. i do NOT need another horse :)... awww... maybe i'll just take a sneak peak

    blessings for finding great homes like they have now


  6. they are so pretty, it must be hard letting them go!

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you have to sell some of your babies! That had to be a hard decision to make. I am sure you will find loving homes for them!! Good luck!

  8. Oh my... maybe I'm too windy. I've tried to leave a comment three different times now and it is like when I'm done it just disappears (wonder where they've gone).. I'll try this short one.

  9. Selling isn't easy when you have a good group - I sold a mare this past spring because of health issues thinking I wouldn't be able to ride this summer. Health issues OK for the time being and I've been riding. We still have 5 horses (I love them all) - good luck in this endeavor (they may find working jobs that will make them all the better - and to think you were the start of that)!!!

  10. I know how hard it is to get rid of your babies. I'm sure you will find great homes for them and they will grow to be awesome horses.

  11. Sorry - I know how rough those decisions are. I had to give up my very first horse when I found out I was pregnant (after many years of trying unsuccessfully, and my mare was an IDIOT but I loved her).

    I guess this would give you room for another sweet horse and give someone else a chance to finish a great horse.

    And you know if I had room, Macy would be at our place :)


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