Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh What a Day!!

I usually love Mondays during this time of year because we always go watch the JV boys play football!! And now since J has been sent in to assist with the JV games I get to watch him 2 nights a week! The start of the game was good, J got a tackle and when he brought the kid down the kid landed on his chest pretty hard and when he got up I could tell he was in a bit of pain but it's football so that'll happen... So a few plays later J was receiving the ball but it had been thrown a bit to high so he jumped pretty far off the ground and BAM 2 guys tackle him mid air and he comes down hard! He kind of layed there for a minute then proceeded to play one more play before heading off the field. I could tell that he was hurt because he wasn't making himself available to play... So they lost the game, it was pretty much bull crap to watch we were not impressed with the Ref's who ignored numerous personal fouls..But oh well it is what it is..

So J went back to the high school and hung out in the parking lot for a bit. Something all of the boys like to do. Well he had a friend pull up beside him and he didn't realize she had parked so close to him and she was parked at an angle. And he had another friend pull up in front of him so he backed out when he was leaving and turned to sharply....Oh and did I mention that we just put a Ranch Hand bumper on his truck, you know for extra safety...Well that Ranch Hand bumper met almost the entire length of his friends car.. So when he got home I knew something was up with him and he sat down and explained what happened. Well the door was so bent that his friend couldn't drive the car, so J and I went back to the high school so that I could assess the damage.. Yeah not good...

Damage to her car :( can't quite see it all because it's dark...

In the mean time J keeps grabbing his chest. He had some problems after a tackle a couple of weeks ago and the Dr had said she thought he had strained the muscle there. So I asked him did he get hurt during those tackles he said yes when he tackled the first kid and the kid landed on him it started hurting and then when he was tackled mid air and hit the ground it got worse and he was having a hard time breathing. So I said forget the car I'm taking you to the ER to get a chest Xray.

So we arrive at the hospital at about 11:00 pm, then of course we wait and the Dr comes in and says he is ordering the chest Xray and it will be a bit because there is someone in front of us...So that little trip to the ER lasted until 1:00 am....The Xray was good, J just has muscle contusions and is ordered off football for a week... UHHH... So now I ask, can I have a redo on this day LOL?!?!


  1. Glad the boy's OK. Sorry the car is not okay. Ouch, that's ugly. Damages?

  2. Well one thing for sure...that was not too great of day. Glad everyone is okay though. At least you can start over today!

  3. You are not alone. My Saturday was a "Can We Start Over" day. Glad J wasn't hurt more seriously.

  4. Glad J chest wasn't serious. But I've had those pulled muscles in the chest and they hurt.

    I did the exact same thing to a friend's car when I was in HS. It's hard not to get mad at the other person for parking in such a dumb spot, but we all parked kitty-wampus like that when we were kids. I bet she won't do that again though. Too bad it got so much damage on it though. Big truck meeting small car is never good for the small car. Hopefully it won't ding your insurance too much.:(

  5. My goodness what a day! Glad your boy is ok. ( I popped over here from Jen's blog )

  6. We here call those moments (car) "part of life" moments - and we always have lessons to learn -- glad he didn't end up hurt badly and after some rest he will be ready to hit the field again!

  7. Oh man! Not a good day at all!
    But, so glad to hear that J's x-rays came back without anything seriously wrong!! Hope he recovers quickly, so he can get back to football!

  8. Oh gah! You deserve that do-over button for sure. But at least it all wasn't so much worse, as it could have been. And noone was seriously injured either. whew!

    Sure hope that the rest of the week is much better...safer, and calmer. lol!


  9. Leah~ Yes there are damages.. The young girls mom is thinking they will total the car out... And my Hubby told me tonight that J's truck does have damage on that new Ranch Hand and his regular bumper... I will have to look tomorrow..

    BEC~ Thanks I am glad you mentioned that about having dealt with this pain before.. His coach is giving him a hard time about it and I've never had it so I have no idea what he is feeling.. So I'm glad to know that it does actually HURT!!

    Thank you ladies, he is a bit better today. Still having pain in his chest but he made the right choice about weightlifting and football to sit out as the DR suggested..

    And Lisa if you have some secret to send me to make this week look up please do LOL!!


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