Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best Friends and Lost Time

When I was a child every year on my Birthday one of my mom's lifelong Best Friends would pick me up and take me to eat or shopping just do a little something fun during the day time (see my Birthday is in the summer and my mom would be at work). I always thought to myself that it was so strange that they were best friends but yet they never saw each other! I always swore that when I grew up I wouldn't be that way!!

I have a group of girls that I have been best friends with since we were children. The longest friend I have had since kindergarten her name is Shanna and we have been best friends now for 26 years! My next best friend Trisha I have known since the third grade which means we have been friends for 23 years! Another I met in my teenage years and her name is Jamie and we have been best friends for 15 years!! So those are my main 3 Best Friends, now ask me when the last time I seen them was?!?!

Well Shanna has had a rough year and so therefore I have not seen her for over a year!! Trisha I had not seen for about 2 years!!! She has been doing great and there is really no reason for not spending more time with her other than we both have husbands and kids so we are always busy!! Jamie I actually seen a couple of weeks ago and then before that about a month ago because we had just spent a day together!! But before that it had been about 6 months!

So tonight I drove the hour to the city to see my BFF Trisha!! I was so excited to see her! I took DD with me so she could play with Trisha's girls, they have grown up together...Well more so when they were littler LOL!! So Trisha and I went to dinner and then just spent hours talking! Our relationship is this, we can go not having seen each other for forever but we always just pick right up where we left. And we do talk on the phone of course, we just don't get to visit in person often!! I had a blast with her tonight!! She has struggled with her weight ever since she had her first child over 15 yrs ago and in the last year has literally cut her pant size in half!!! NO KIDDING!!! She looks great, and it was so fun because she loved my jeans and wanted to try them on but her old brain was thinking and she wasn't sure she could fit into them....Well she put them on and they fit her great!!! I told her they looked better on her than they do me LOL!!! It was just amazing to see her transformation, she has always been beautiful but didn't feel that way while she was heavier.. So now she feels really good!!

So the lesson I learned today is that I am what I said I wouldn't be....But I do intend on changing that and making more time to have an occasional lunch or dinner with my favorite girls!!!


  1. Yeah, it happens. Get busy with the family and then move to the country and before you know it, it has been more time than you care to admit. Good for you for making the effort.

    Glad your hubby is doing better.

  2. Great blog - gets me thinking about those girlfriends.....

  3. I do the same thing. I think, I need to call, then another month goes by. Cowboy has just reconnected with friends he has not seen in 30 years. Some he went to school with. He is having the best time. He talks to one the phone to one almost everyday.

  4. that is amazing that you have remained friends for so long, how nice to stay in touch for so long!

  5. Oh I am so blessed to have such great friends!!! I'm sure we all have someone we miss!!

  6. I have a few friends that I haven't seen in years. I really need to call them, but being so busy, and I really hate talking on the phone! But that's no excuse! I need to be better at it!
    That is so cool you have been friends with them for so long!