Friday, September 18, 2009

OK Brown Eyed Cowgirls...Here is my Review on the 2010 Camaro!!

So the other day I posted here about my Hubby renting me the 2010 Camaro!! Well I must first remind everyone that I am a truck lovin girl but this model of the Camaro is a "replica" of the late 60's model...Which just so happens to be my dream car!!

Well Brown Eyed Cowgirls wanted to know how the modern version stacked up!! So lets review the car a bit...The model we had was the Coupe 2LT with a 304hp 3.6L V6, it was decked out inside! The way they designed the dash and gauges is to have the similar feel of the old cars, it's really cool!! The car has complete controls on the steering wheel meaning, radio, bluetooth, cruise, and even your shift up and down buttons if you so choose to drive in manual! The sound system in the car is "Boston Acoustics" and really sounds great! Of course the car was equipped with a sunroof as well.

Interior...Love, love, love it!!!

Driving the car is awesome, mind you we had the "baby" engine (but come on 300 hp is enough). The car just glides, it is not rough riding and can take of from the line good and does great for passing people! Hubby says he would have to have the 426hp 6.2L V8 if he ever owned one because you "HAVE" to have the maximum speed, really it is not necessary with this car! But the biggest deal breaker is the fact that there is literally NO backseat!! For me to drive I needed the seat all of the way back to be comfortable but that left ZERO leg room for DD so I had to move up a bit then she just sat indian style..

I may not get to keep her but it was fun!!

So all in all the car was awesome!! I had a blast driving it and was sad to take it back LOL!! However after hitting that deer yesterday I was really glad I was in my Dodge!!


  1. Having a HOT car is every girls dream! I'm a grandma and wish I had one!!!! ha.

  2. Sounds like you got to have some fun with it.;) But, I'm like you, if a choice has to be made, a girl has to have her truck.;)

    You know, I had never had an occasion to use my manual transmission in the dually until I hauled horses over Vail Pass, but that thing was absolutely awesome. I was absolutely amazed at how smoothly it shifted gears and even hauling such a heavy load, the trailer never felt like it got to pushing my pickup.

  3. I still can't believe how sweet that was of him! Have a great weekend Michelle.

  4. Cool car! I would love a sporty car some day, but like you, prefer trucks! I have been driving my OH's truck almost everyday, and I love it more then my SUV! Gotta love a good truck!

  5. BEC~ Yes that manual shifting works great!! Hubby uses it ALL of the time LOL!!

  6. Man..that is a sweeeet car! As I read this brought back memories of the old Camero's and how cool they were.

    But, Saab convertible has won my heart. and I must stay loyal to her.