Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If it Taste so Good, Why Does it Smell so BAD?!?!

Here in the Heartland we have had more than our share of rain these past couple of weeks! Now of course we always welcome the rain as it is usually needed... However the rain does cause one big bad problem at my ranch. And that problem is the pig!!! WHOO-WEE it smells BAD!!! Of course the pig area always smells bad but when it rains like it has been it just gets worse! See we had 3 pigs, 2 of them went to the County Fair and then to the butchers but the 3rd pig that we sold to a friend, he didn't want his pig going to the place we took ours because he likes another place better but he couldn't get the pig in for a few weeks after we took ours... So she should be going next week but until then, I might have to spend more time inside since I feel the need to gag when I get that right hit of the smell LOL!! And it amazes me how something that taste so good can stink so-o-o-o bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how can they be so cute when they're babies!!

It seems like we're never going to dry out!!

The doggies do love the puddles though!!

Aww there is Mrs stink bucket herself!!

Would you want to wallow around in that?!?! LOL!!!!!!!


  1. What is it that Emeril says about pork? You could smear it on the bumper of a bus and it would be good LOL!

  2. Your entry is funny! Did you know that the red Duroc pigs don't stink! It's OK Mrs Stinky - we all have bad days!

  3. Piggies are so cute when they are little aren't they oh and yes--stinky later on in life! :) Hope you have a great day.

  4. Kinda like broccoli. Smells good raw, but then you cook it and boy the place stinks!

  5. Having never had a piggy, I wouldn't know, but I can surely imagine what that smell would be like!! Ugggh! I can deal with (and don't really mind) the smell of horse and cow manure, but I don't think I would like pig muck. Would it help to put it farther away from the house?

  6. Oh I know they do smell bad. My folks live down the road from a pig farm and it's bad at times. We live really close to a dairy farm and if the wind is just right it smells like a barn in our garage... lovely:)

  7. Everyone always says we need to get a pig, but I don't want one because of the smell! They are so cute though, I just like to look at them at a distance, like at the fair, or right here on your blog!
    Wow, you did get a lot of rain! Those are some big mud puddles!!

  8. GUACG~ You know we had 3 this year and one was a Duroc, but she was with a Hamp and this York...SO I can't testify to her not smelling LOL!!

    Bekkah~ Oh they are away from the house but when it's wet like this and the wind blows, it'll make anywhere stink LOL!!

  9. Mmmmm...all I smell is bacon. Yummy!




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