Monday, September 28, 2009

Us Crazy Girls & the Shooting Range!!

Saturday morning at the break of daylight I was up and about to head to the city for a day at the shooting range.. The National Rifle Association held an event called "Women On Target", which was Firearm Education and Marksmanship Orientation. So myself, my mom, my Auntie, and my cousin S all went! We knew from the moment that we started talking about it that we would have a BLAST!! My Auntie accordingly named ourselves "Crazy Girls", because when we get together there is NO telling what could happen!! Seriously the Hubby's were saying stuff like "be careful" LOL, pretty bad when even they are worried!!

Cousin S, Mom, and I....Auntie is taking the picture :(

So upon arrival we had a little meeting then we were split into groups, so we had 4 other gals paired with our group. We were assigned to start at a specific event then would move from station to station. Our first station was pistols were we had choices from some different 38 revolvers and a semi-automatic 22 pistol. I first shot the 22 then the 38 revolver, I really preferred the semi-auto over the revolver. I've shot a revolver before but as far as I can remember I'd never shot a semi-auto 22 pistol before.. It was a general consensus with us girls that the pistols were not our favorite guns.

Our next station was the Muzzleloaders, of course we had our brief description of the guns and how they operate etc. So me and Cousin S went to one setup and learned how to load the muzzleloaders, I shot first and didn't hit the target! I had these "safety glasses" on that I had to put over my regular glasses and I just don't have enough nose to hold them on and they kept falling off!! So Cousin S went next and BAM like a Sniper hits the target first and second shot!! So I go up next again and talk to the guy about these glasses and he allows me to take them off and we also decided I needed to sit because the barrel on that gun was a little stinkin heavy!! So YES it worked, I hit the target every other time I shot it!! Of course Cousin S never missed it! And we all agreed that we really had fun with those guns!!

So next they fed us then it was off to Shotguns! I love shotguns, I have a Winchester 12 gauge but it's been a couple of years since I shot it. So there they had 3 different 20 gauge's for us to choose from. They had a couple of over/under's, a pump action, and a semi-automatic. So at this station we were shooting clay pigeons which I LOVE to do!!! The first gun I shot was the over/under and of course had a little problem lining up right cause of those glasses LOL!! I said something to this guy and he said "oh heck, take them off you'll be just fine with what you've already got on"!! WHOO-HOO so again next pigeon BAM!! My mom and Cousin S both did really good on the pigeons!! I decided after shooting the different 20 gauges that I definitely want an over/under, I loved that gun!! And one of the guys had a 12 gauge in his truck that he brought out for me to shoot, it was OK but alot heavier then mine is..

Next station was Bolt-Action 22 Rifles with scopes. What a blast those were!! I really loved shooting with these guns. Now my Auntie definitely found her gun calling at this station. She was having a blast and did a great job nailing the targets! She got a little bored shooting the target so she started shooting at some dangling targets and was doing great then she thought it would be funny to shoot down to the other end where our other group members were shooting a dangling target, so Auntie starts shooting at it and hits it then smiles real big and looks down at them and say's "OH YEAH that was me" LOL!!! She is a riot!! So everyone did really good at this event!

Last event was Archery, I was not sure I would do real great at that event but I ended up doing good. Auntie and Mom both did great hitting their targets! It was fun, but not near as fun as the guns were LOL!! So needless to say our day at the shooting range was a BLAST!! Then we finished off at a very long (4 hour) dinner LOL!! But I had a blast seeing my girl's and I absolutely LOVED spending the day with them! Now we can't wait for our next excursion, but I can't reveal it just yet...

Just a reminder in case you haven't already, mute the playlist as this video has a very special song that might provoke My Girl's to dance!!


  1. Didn't know you were a pistol packin' mama. Sounds like a fun time.

  2. I would love to that!! Sounds like a great girl's day out:)

  3. WOW! You girls now how to have a good time!

  4. I love it! Bo got a shotgun for his bday and I got to shoot it a little. Fun stuff!!

  5. Sounds like a blast! It is so much fun to try different guns. We all have our favorites! I prefer handguns over rifles/shotguns.
    What a great way to spend the day with the girls!

  6. Sweet. I so would've enjoyed that. Wonder if there's anything like that around here? 'Course, they'd probably have an age limit on it. Bummer.

    I gotta say, we all do have our favorites definitely, and as much as I loved my uncle's single-action .45 revolver (Old West replica), my favorite of the guns I've shot was the bolt-action .22 that I shot at camp last summer, and with which I won the girls' marksmanship competition. I happen to love shotguns, but I'm horrible at skeet-shooting...something I'd like to work on when I'm of age. :)

  7. Bekkah~ I agree on the bolt-action .22, it was a fun gun to shoot. I have shot them before I just didn't seem to remember it being as fun as it was!

    Shotguns I love!! My new hopeful purchase will be a 20 gauge over/under, I have a pump action 12 gauge but I really like the over/under WAY better!!


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