Monday, September 21, 2009

WOW What a Weekend!!! Is it Already Gone?!?!

Needless to say, my weekend was over in a flash!!! Starting Friday night football, which was a rough one on J but they pulled it out and won! Then all day Saturday was spent watching DD Cheer for the local football team, then we came home did chores so later in the evening DD and I could go see our horses that are in the back pasture!! Then today was just all around BUSY HA!

You know as a mother my first instinct is to ALWAYS want to protect my kids...Have I ever mentioned this before?!?! Not sure if I did but yes I am an in your face kind of mom!! And pretty much blunt and to the point of any issue involving my kids!! So when dealing with things such as sports I have to keep my mouth shut!!! This is my kids hard work at stake here...You know that dreaded fear that if you piss of the coach he'll take it out on your kid!

My J # 22 during the National Anthem

Let me first say I think J is very blessed with the coaches he has. He worked very hard to make Varsity so he takes it very seriously and the coaches always encourage him and praise him when he does right, they also talk to him when he does something wrong! On occasion he has been yelled at hard enough to break his spirit.

Coach G giving J a pep talk after he thought he messed up!

Team field huddle...Look at how much smaller he is :( Mind you they are all Juniors and Seniors!

So at Friday nights game, J was going to be playing Offense and Defense because at our game last week they had a few V players injured...J loves playing both so he doesn't mind. You know sometimes there are things that you wish you could give your kids and its absolutely impossible?!?! Well if I could give J what he really wants that would be to be taller and be built more solid...Now my J is about 5'8 I think....Now he may be smaller size wise but he has muscle and a very fit body. J when playing Defense he plays Corner Back and he is really good at it! When he plays Offense he plays Wide Receiver and does pretty good in that position as well.. Now the problem Friday night started because the kid J was covering on D was much taller than him but J did great keeping speed with him, there were a couple of close times were the kid almost got the ball but he missed it and then another time when he did catch the ball he pushed off of J to catch it which should have been a flag!! But luckily our safety was there in no time to get him out of bounds. After that happened the other team just kept running the same thing trying to smoke J every time. He did great but playing offense to was really wearing on his stamina... So he finally got to sit out a couple of plays and we finished the game with a win!!!

That'd be a tackle over there!

Waiting with intensity...He was ticked by this point...

But J was extremely upset, he felt like his size and him could have cost the team that game... Well out of the blue a very unexpected source came and spoke with my husband and FIL and told them that he believes that J is THE MOST improved player out of the whole team. He felt like J was being attacked because of his size but he also said the coach left him out there on his own island and he shouldn't have done that!! WHOA!! I was floored I couldn't believe that this guy of all people would say this!! There is nothing wrong with this guy, he is just not the type to hand out compliments and sincere words to lift J's spirit! I was so thankful and impressed that this man said this stuff about my son and J did feel better after hearing that LOL!!

Run for the kick!

Again ready to take him on again!

He had practice Saturday morning and they always watch the playback video and when he got to the field where we were for cheerleading he said "I didn't do near as bad as I thought I did"!! I said LOL "Um I think I tried to tell you that"!! So it ended on a good note and my son is happy!


  1. Sounds like he's holding his own, size notwithstanding. Good for him!

    My son was smaller than that (maybe 5'6" or so) and thought he wanted to play HS football. We knew better — he always liked the way things sound (Yeah, I'm on the football team) rather than actually doing them. So I told him to go stand at the end of the hallway, and Mike and I would run at him as fast and hard as we could, knock him down, and pile on top of him. If he liked it, he could play football. He didn't take us up on that, nor did he go out for the football team.

  2. Hey, J - remember this . . . it's not the size of the dog, but the bite in the dog!

    And yes, as a mama, it's hard to keep our mouths shut!

  3. ...I really miss football days with my son.

  4. Good for your son and the effort he puts in.
    Remember David and Goliath.!!!
    Congrat on your win also.

  5. I don't think size really matters, there are alot of undersized pro football players for a certain position and they do really well. I think if he is talented at that position, he can do it! Glad he got a great compliment and watching the playback video really helps!! That is why I like to record myself riding my horses, love the feedback!

  6. Michelle,
    You seem so sweet...really you a loud mouth?! I don't believe it. But I think we can all be that way when it comes to our babies. We are the momma bear!

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words!! Tonight was a different night for us, J was sent in to assist on the JV team as they aren't doing as well as the Varsity team and he did awesome! Played his normal positions in Wide Receiver and Corner Back he had a few good catches and got a couple of good tackles in!! Looks like now he'll be assisting the JV team more...We'll have to see..

    Farmgirl Paints~ You crack me up!!! I am totally like a lemon LOL!! Harsh and Sweet HA! I seriously try am a fire pistol!! I wish I was sweet all of the time but I've got some fire red Indian blood LOL!!


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