Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Very First Wildlife Vehicular Manslaughter...

Living in the country you have that constant thought that someday you are bound to hit an animal... Well I have been making sure I do not drive fast at night down our dirt roads because of all the deer and other wildlife. We have been out here for a few years now and tonight I had my first "wildlife vehicular manslaughter"....It was a young buck and I totally did not see him, he must have stretched out running fast enough that I got him with the front of my truck. I turned around to check and see what I hit and what I needed to do... So as I approached the buck he lifted his leg up but he was bleeding from his mouth, I felt SO-O-O-O bad!!!!!! I immediately went to call Hubby to have him bring a gun down to put him out of his misery, but then remembered that I had left my phone at home earlier so I had to race home to get my phone to call him (he was down the road working). So he gets home grabs the gun and we head back, we pull up and Hubby gets out and nudges the buck a few times and says he's already dead. I was like thank God!! I did not want that buck to lay there in pain. He was in the middle of the road so Hubby had to drag him into the ditch.

I of course snapped a picture of him just in case there is any damage on my truck, we hadn't even really looked yet. But we looked it all over when we were done and didn't find anything but maybe a spot in the middle part of the bumper! So all's I have to say now is Gotta Love my Dodge!!! I'm impressed that it didn't damage the truck!

So I am feeling really bad, and I hope I never hit another one!!

Warning!!! Dead deer in photo below!!


  1. Bummer. Yeah, out here, ya gotta dodge the carnage every day, not to mention the turkey buzzards that hang out to clean it up. I've hit smaller things, but never anything that large.

    And since I have a mini soapbox, let me just say: People! Contain your pets! Your heart will be broken when you find it squooshed on the side of the road!

  2. Ugh... I hate when this happens... I hit one once - it slid on the highway under my truck - I was pulling a trailer with a horse in it so wasn't stopping fast. Never found it - must have slid right underneath. My husband has hit several. Glad it was out of its misery in short order.

  3. I have that fear every morning coming to work.
    I had a lady pass me like she does every morning and I thought to myself she needs to be going slower in this area. Well, about a half mile down the road there she sat with the front light now out of her van. I felt so sorry for her.
    Glad that it did not suffer to long and that you and your vehicle were ok.
    God bless

  4. We have so many deer in this area of MN also. Our corn fields are their main menu! It is a terrible feeling hitting one-it's happened to me several times. Early evening is the worst time to be on the roads here. You are lucky your truck was spared.

  5. Yep, it happens. I've been fortunate to miss the deer. I seem to attract birds. I shattered my windshield with a buzzard a few years back. That was scary! Glad the Dodge faired well.

  6. Oh! That's too sad, but at least he died quickly and your truck...and most importantly, you weren't injured. I hope it doesn't happen again. What a scary thing to have happen.


  7. There is something especially heartbreaking about hitting a deer..

    My neighbor hit one at dusk, and it did a lot of damage to their truck.

    I have a picture of a deer I saw crossing the road,slowly..she looked like she had been hit previously.. she was scraped up bad, and thin. I have wondered what happen to her.

  8. I am so sorry! I have never hit a deer, which is surprising, considering they are all over here, I've been pretty lucky.
    I would be devastated if I hit a deer or anything! Even if it was an opossum!
    Glad you are okay too!

  9. Thank you all, and I hope I never hit another!!!

  10. Oh welcome to the club! I have hit my fair share of deer, and you're right it leaves you terrible. But there is not much you can to other than keep an eye out for them. Even folk that slow down will hit one on occasion.

    Sorry - bet that ruined your day...

    I have story about a turtle I may write about on my blog someday.