Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday Skywatch

Friday Night Football!!

Love the rays of light!

Incoming storm that ruined our game :(


  1. It looks like the heavens were opening up for you.. wonderful pictures!!! Did you get rained out before you won????

  2. Great shots of the sky - storms and clouds always interest me. Does the team now have a makeup game?

  3. Those photos are AMAZING! Just beautiful!

  4. Oooh some wicked cloud formations coming in!! Too bad about your game, beautiful pics though:)

  5. Jan & GUACG~ We got maybe 2 plays in before the lightning started so then we were delated for 30 minutes and after that 30 they postponed to Saturday afternoon which I did not get to see because I was at the shooting range :(

    Thanks for the compliments ladies!!