Thursday, October 15, 2009

OK Let's Name This FIlly!!!

The time has come again to ask you friends to help in picking a name for the new filly!!! So this is how we will do this... I will give you the dam's name with the link to her pedigree and a picture of her. As with the sire you will get his name and link to his pedigree as well as a picture!!! So lets make up some names then I will compile them into a follow up post so that they can be voted on!!! And what does the winner get?!?! Well a prize of course!!! Right from my very own store "The Rhinestone Cowgirls"!!

Ok so lets start with the dam; Beaus Last Charm

The foal in this picture is last years foal :)

The sire; Texas Apache

Texas Apache the sire

Of course one more picture of that beautiful filly!!!

Last note!! Remember in this name needs to be her "barn" name as well! And enter as many names as you like!!


  1. I LOVE her caboose!

    Barn name Chammie (pronounced Shammie)
    Beaus Apache Charm
    Beaus Charming Diva
    Beaus Latte Charm

    Barn Name Summer
    Apache Summer
    Beaus Summer Charm
    Beaus Indian Summer

    That's all I got.

  2. Charm The Texas Beaus
    Charming Texas Beaus
    Beaus Texas Charm
    Charm The Beaus

    I like the Charmmie Leah suggested for a barn name.

  3. Lil Texas Beaus (short for Little Texas Beaus)
    Rhines Beaus Texas
    Barn name: Beauty

    Have fun deciding on a name.

  4. Barn name: BLT (Beaus Lil Texan)
    Texas Beaus
    Apache's Beau
    Apache Paint
    I am not good with names but this is what I came up with. I can't wait to see what you name it.

  5. Okeeeeeeeey dokey! Let's see what we can come up with.

    Beaus Texas Charm
    Texas Belle (instead of beau, since she is a filly)
    Simply Charming
    Cowgirl Charm
    Apache Charm
    Charming Kitty or Charming Bandit (from sire's line)
    Rainbeau Charm (from dam's line)
    Texas Rhinestone
    Beaus Tuff Charm
    Beaus Texas Dream
    Texas Rainbeau
    Beaus Apache Thunder
    Beaus Painted Charm

    I'm sure I can come up with more after I've thought about it awhile, but this is just off the top of my head. Can't wait to hear the final decision! :)

  6. Oh, and I think her barn name should be either Belle (instead of Beau), or Chammie like Leah suggested. :)

  7. Okay - I'm not good at this but I like Apache's Texas Charm and call her Beau.

    Have fun!

  8. Oh I wish I was better at coming up with names....I'll give it a shot though.

    She reminds me of the mare on on Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmarron.

    So for her barn name I think Rain, or Cimmarron. I know, it totally doesn't go with her papers. :)

    I told ya I'm terrible at names. My doberman's papered name is Sir Maximus Jones.

    Charming Texas Belle.
    Texas Apache Spirit


  9. I came here from Farmgirl Paints!
    She's a pretty little filly.
    If she were mine, I'd paper her as Charm Her Like Texas because we all know Texas is God's country. Plus, I could so hear that in a show ring. You could call her Charm around the barn.

  10. Wow Rebekah is great at this!

    Here is what I have-

    Little Texas Charm
    Barn Name: Charm

    Texsas Apache Charm (Texsas - Texas and Kansas)
    Barn Name: Sas or Charm

    Texas Harper Charm
    Barn Name: Harper

  11. Oh no, the name game again! I am so terrible at names, but I will give it a try.

    Tuff Texas Charm- barn name Charm (I agree with everyone, I really like that barn name!) or Texi

    Texas Tuff N Charm- barn name Charm or Texi

    Okay, I am out of names. I might have to think of more tomorrow and get back to you!

  12. Okay so you know I am no good at coming up with names but you got some good choices here. Can't wait for "no name" to finally hav a name.

  13. She is gorgeous!

    Here's my suggestion:

    1)Apache's Rainbow (Rain for barn name)

    2)Charm's Apache Rainbow

    3)Apache's Charming Cloud (she looks like a could float in that picture! Cloud for a barn name)

    4)Apache's Indian Princess

    5)Apache's Charmed Squaw

    6)Apache's Charming Rain



  14. I am terrible at names! And I love a bunch of them already suggested!

    I also like Miss Texsas Charm (Growing Up Country Girl was way cool with that SAS idea!), barn name Missy or Miz.

    And I'm still sad... I just know my girl is papered, but no way of knowing what her real name is. When we got her, they didn't even call her ANYTHING. I asked and they shrugged.
    I knew right then that I needed to bring her home and give her name to love her by! But I still have fun wondering what her original one might be!

    Can't wait to see the voting... and would love to know what your ideas are so far too!