Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OH I Am So Ready For Winter Rodeo Season!!

It feels like forever since we finished our last rodeo circuit and I am so ready to get DD back into the groove!! Our lives are always busy but one things for sure rodeo always comes first on her priority list!! So I am now on the countdown for the winter circuit to start!! Only 19 more days!!!!

So I thought I would show you a couple of shots done by my SIL and her Sister! If you click on them you can see how high she's flying through!!

OK other sister I had to edit the picture a bit so it has my watermark now :)


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  2. Oops. Can't spell.

    Please send DD to Texas to give me some riding lessons. I suspect part of my problem is that at my age, I'm a bit too aware of my own mortality. I need some of that youthful recklessness.

  3. Wow DD is a real cowgirl! We dont have a lot of rodeo here in Ky but I have recently found the Ky Junior Rodeo Association. They dont hold rodeos during the winter but as soon as they start back in May DD is going to get involved. We run the International Barrel Racing Association shows as that is about all we have around here. I am very excited to get back to showing. We havent shown since Chase had his accident. He goes back for his check up 11/13 and if released we will show on 11/14..we are praying all is well and he can ride again!

  4. Yes ! reminds of my childhood. I barrel raced an Arabian.. talk about flight! Good luck this season!

  5. We gotta get DD's butt down in that saddle a whole lot more! We don't want any more of those ejections going around a barrel.:)

    But I tell ya, it never ceases to amaze me how kids can do that and so seldom come off. I would be ejected like a rocket if I was that far in the air.:O

    Looking forward to hearing how DD does this fall. She sure puts her heart and soul into it.

  6. WOW! I would be out of the saddle the minute My tush came out of the saddle. I have not been to a rodeo in years. Do they not wear helmets for safety?

  7. More rodeos! Yeah! Sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear how it all goes!

  8. Leah~ LOL!! This girl has got to get some reminders herself... The end of the summer was when she came off coming to a barrel because she wasn't in her seat right!!

    Christina~ I hope Chase gets cleared!! Such a horrible injury he's got!! But it definitely does look better! Oh I LOVE our area because we do have so many rodeo options, this one in particular is an indoor arena and the people who run it are AWESOME!!

    BEC~ I KNOW!!! I have tried everything with her!! I'm not sure what to do, she's so light that if she's really kicking that's how she ends up! Her biggest problem coming into the turns is letting her feet go back instead of keeping her weight in them in front of her... I don't know why she started this habit but it's a nasty one to break!! Any suggestions?!?!

    Dusty~ Oh I know! She had one major crash this summer but other than that she always manages to stay on! No typically around here they don't wear helmets, there are some parents who have their kids wear them. DD has one but she doesn't wear it.. I know it's frowned upon..

    PG~ UGH!! I am so excited to be doing something FUN on my weekends again!!

  9. LOL! Just WOW!

    I am thankful that I've *never8 (knock on wood) actually come unseated. Though I doubt my ride has ever been as fast :)

    And I love Leah's comment! ha ha


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