Sunday, October 4, 2009

So what does DD do when she's not Rodeo'n?!?!

I swear my DD has more hobbies and loves than all of us combined!!! We are always somewhere doing something with both of the kids actually, but it just so happened that today was a DD day. Obviously when the winter rodeo circuit starts next month she will be back to that on the weekends but for the time being she is Cheerleading for a local football team! That on top of ballet, jazz/tap, and gymnastics!!! So today we spent our time watching her cheer, it's a good thing that she's really good at it or we might go crazy from boredom LOL!! It's nothing like watching J play Varsity football!!

Its a "Whatcha Want From Me" cheer :)

She is clearly loving this!!

DD and her Bestie Tay!!

Umm totally showing off for the camera!

Hip Pop LOL!!

She really can jump high for these toe touch's!!

Showing her slick dance moves again!!


Yell it girl!!


  1. Gotta love a girl who loves horses but also other things.... Being busy is wonderful! You go DD!!

  2. She is just to adorable! Better watch those boys!

  3. She is one busy girl! SO many activities! That is so neat though! She is so cute in her cheer outfit!

  4. Looks like she's having fun! Looks like is is pretty good too! Boy, when both of your kids are out of school and away, you'll miss these days! It was always run, run, run at our home too. Busy kids are GOOD kids!


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