Monday, October 12, 2009

So all of the sudden it's Winter here & I got my new Filly!!!

WOW!! That pretty much sums up the last few days here in my neck of the woods!! Seriously it's Fall, right?!?! Because Mother Nature must be confused giving us Winter weather these last few days! I don't know about you guys but our weather has been at the minimum 30 degree's colder than it normally is this time of year! So Saturday was the day!! The day to pick up my new filly! We had a late and cold night Friday with high school football and then we had to get up bright and early Saturday morning to make our 2 1/2 hr drive to get the filly. Which I really lucked out because the ranch that she comes from is actually about 6 1/2 - 7 hrs away but the owners had some weanlings in an annual sale in a city that put them only 2 1/2 hrs away!

So we left at 7:30 Saturday morning which I'm sure to most isn't to bad but for me it's kind of hard since I don't sleep much at night, but I was lucky enough to get to bed about 2:30 and I can manage on just a few hours of sleep! So we arrived at our destination at 10:00 am and finally got to see her in person! To some it might seem strange to purchase a horse I had never seen in person but I know these people and I have bought from them before. My black and white paint Rita comes from there and my 3 yr old filly Mya and my FIL's 2 yr old colt Jet both come out of the same sire. So let me tell you this girl is a beauty!! She was born in late June so she is just shy of being 4 months old and she is huge!! She was bigger than some of their 1 month olds when she was born LOL!!

So what is she you ask?! She is a red dun paint, she comes straight out of a pasture and has never seen people other than the few at the ranch she came from. She is not halter broke so that will be on our list to do. She is SUPER sweet!! Immediately after getting out of the trailer when we got back home she ran over to the other horses in the back pasture, she wanted so badly to be with them it was really kind of sad! She is in an area at the front of that pasture by the barn so none of the older ones will try to pick on her and then when we wean the other 2 weanlings we will put them with her. So she proceeded to introduce herself while gumming her mouth, it was so sweet! I LOVE foals they are just curious and unique and it's just so awesome to watch them learn new things!! Like this filly for instance has been on pasture with grass and the area she's in here she will get brome hay and alfalfa/wheat middlings pellets. So needless to say she is having to learn to eat this food! So far she has eaten the hay OK but she's not so sure about the pellets! She will go over and take a couple nibbles and walk away, I don't think it'll take her long to catch on though.

So today when I went out and spent some time with her (me all bundled up of course because it was 36 degree's) I just sat on a bucket and let her wander around and she would get real close to me then turn and walk away! Now if I have my camera up to my face then she gets REALLY curious!! Which for some strange reason all of my foals have done that LOL!! OK so enough talking let me show you her!!

OH and by the way I think we'll be playing the name game in the next couple of days because once again I'm dead to names LOL!! AND I have a couple of funny stories to share!! But I can't give all the goods in one post can I?!?!

Only sighting of the sun right as we left home..

The Three Stooges look in anticipation of what we're bringing in!!

Filly is a little scared to come out at first..

Then she just rocketed out of there LOL!!

Running straight to who she hopes are her friends!

Everyone has to get a sniff in..

Now she's trying to tell them "I mean no harm"!

And them....

The 2 geldings sniffing her out! She shares the same sire with the white/black paint here..

Now the mean head honcho Ebony has to lay down the law, while Curious Pete is still sniffing her!

Now she's feeling a bit froggy!!!

My pretty baby!!

And her other side!

Here's when she comes right up to my camera being curious :)

She's looking for the other horses to come back :(

I love how her paint markings cap her head!

Still looking.....And waiting....

First bite of Hay


  1. This is just too funny, you and I getting our babies on the same weekend with very similar stories to share!
    Your baby is so beautiful! I love her.
    My baby came home too!! She did basically the same as yours! But you got picture's of her coming out of the trailer! I should have made my OH take the camera and take pictures! What was I thinking?
    Sounds like you and I will be very busy with babies!! How much fun is that? :)

  2. She is beautiful - and babies really are alot of fun! Enjoy her! Now the weather - I'm glad we aren't the only ones with the cruddy weather...unbelievable. Hubby keeps saying that oh the decent weather will be back...But it is only in the 20's again today and we have more snow sprinkled on our sidewalk. I've enjoyed following your blog - love the horse pics....

  3. Congrats on bringing the baby home. I'd love to help name her.

  4. What a beautiful filly. Yes, you will be a busy girl! Lots of work for the next couple of years! Have fun.

  5. She's a cutie pie! You're gonna have loads of great tales ahead with her.

  6. She is beautiful. Getting a new baby is always exciting! Good luck with her and I hope your weather warms up.

  7. She is a beauty! Love her color. Looking foward to watching her grow up.

  8. Oh she's so pretty. It's winter here too. We had snow this morning:0!! Not quite ready for that yet.

  9. Oh my gosh she is gorgeous and HUGE !!!! I'm in Ohio so if you guys have winter it's not far off for us. We've had no fall really - just rain and rain and more rain. I actually said snow would be nice as it's different then rain!

  10. ahh, she is so sweet! i want to pet her and hold her! that little mouth is so cute...just love her! hope ebony will be nice once she is old enough to join the big'uns!

  11. well she is just cute as shit. good work!

  12. PG~ I know I'm so excited that our girls our gonna grow up at the same time!! It will be interesting what we can learn from one another!!

    And thank you everyone for your kind words!!!

    Leah~ Oh I am so glad your gamed on helping name her!! I think we will do that soon!!

    Paige~ LOL!! Thanks! The hubby says I do great at pickin them just not so great selling them (since I never want to sell any)!!

  13. Oh golly - she is a beauty! I love her face - you're right - her paint markings cap her head so pretty :)

    So... if you have a few favorites, you should put it to a vote - then still pick your favorite, ha ha :) Any you are leaning toward?

  14. Rachel~ I don't even have a CLUE!!! It has been a horrible curse for me this year LOL!! I usually come up with names pretty easy and this year it's just not happening!! So we will do the naming post soon!! Especially so I can quite calling her filly!!


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