Friday, October 2, 2009

Horse's Butt?!?!

Stone is around 6 months of age and I still can't decide what color he's going to be... Logically he should be black, but I'm just not sure... OHH and my babies are spurting winter coats so they feel so soft!! Stone feels like velvet! So anyhoo back to my point here. There are a couple of reasons why I'm not so sure that he will be black, #1 is I have a black yearling and she never went through a phase like this, #2 he has that Grulla sheen to him, #3 his tail is the oddest color I've ever seen!! So you look and tell me what you think?!?!

Stone in all his beauty :)

Stone and Angel....She is a month older and ALOT smaller?~?~

OK butt shot to see his tail? What do you think?!

Like Mother, like Son

Little wind action on the tail showing those colors!


  1. I wouldn't hazard a guess. They change so much when they're young. My Jaz was born black and stayed black for at least a year, and look at him now.

    He sure is handsome.

    WV = blesse
    We could all use some of that today.

  2. I bet he turns out to be black.... But you never know!

  3. Well . . . I don't know! You will just have to wait and see! :D

  4. Could be alot of changes down the road. Hopefully he'll stay this way! Nice butt.... Nice legs....

  5. I think I'll just have to stay on the fence and we will have to watch the changes. He is so pretty the way he is right now.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. all of them are so beautiful! can't help on the color your new background!

  7. All I know is that he is gorgeous! What's his Daddy look like? His tail almost looks like it wil be blonde or palomino. He's gonna be a looker, for sure!


  8. My area of expertise is definitely not in the color dept. I can only keep the obvious colors straight. I have no idea what color my baby is either! But I really like his color, and love the tail color! It will be interesting to see how he turns out!
    He looks just like his mama!

  9. Oooo- wouldn't it be great if he stayed this shimmerry, in between color? Swoon!

  10. What a gorgeous guy! Don't know what color but he sure is pretty!

  11. Definitely has the Grulla color to him...oh so beautiful! Wow...thanks for sharing the pics. I'll be anxious to see what he turns out like!!!

  12. Paula!! Patience doesn't come easily for me LOL!!

    KK~ Thanks!! I'm really liking the rich colors!

    Lisa~ His sire is a loud overo black and white paint!! Just like the dam!! Craziness I tell you, the reason I question for Grulla is this sire has produced a few Grulla's..

    PG~ Isn't your baby black?!?! I need to look at her pictures closer!

    Thanks Ladies for the wonderful compliments!! Makes my lil heart warm!!


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