Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Jersey Steer has gone on the lamb!!

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At our 4H fair in 2008 my Hubby decided to bring home a Jersey Calf to start teaching DD about raising her very own steer. Well Bob is now over a year old and I really have no idea what his purpose now is other than getting fat and horning the horses every chance he gets!! During the summer time they are our back in the open pasture but come October we lock them up front and they get round bales of hay and of course pellets. Well Bob he just gets whatever the horses are getting ever since DD's Angus steer went to the market:) So there is about an 80 acre wheat field next to our property that the owners decided to run calves on this winter, so we of course get the joy (not) of being cattle eyes... Well a couple of days ago I go out for the afternoon feeding and when I go to feed the back group I realized Bob was missing!! So I called the Hubby and said "UMM Bob is gone"?! He says "oh yeah now that I think about it I don't remember seeing him this morning" UHH MEN!! (sorry to any men readers, this of course is not directed at you)!! So then he says well the fence was down in the back so I fixed it and I bet Bob is with the calves... So I go out and I'm looking......And finally I see this fat could be Jersey??? So I grabbed my camera to get a better look and sure enough it's Bob, he ran away to go be with those of his nature LOL!! SO I guess he may be spending his winter with some cattle LOL!!

Here is where he is supposed to be....

Oh YEP that's looking like a Jersey out there!!

Just grazing away like he belongs with them!!

OOPS....He knows he's been spotted!!

So there he goes away....

Leading the rest of the herd right along LOL!!


  1. LOL!! Darn cows. When I was a kid we had calves and they where always walking though the electric fence to graze in the yard.

  2. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for penning! :)

  3. Leader of the pack!!!! Joys of having animals! Some fence always letting them loose!