Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Have a Winner and A New Name for the Filly!!

First off I want to thank everyone for ALL of your name suggestions!! They were all really great, and thank you for voting as well!! We ended up with a tie!! The 2 names that tied were "Charm Her Like Texas" by Leanna from "Thoughts and Whatnots" blog, and the second name was "Little Texas Charm" by Growing Up A Country Girl from "Livin' It Up Country" blog... So since they tied I had to fall back on the trusty drawing the name out of a hat, and the winner is "Charm Her Like Texas" by LeAnna!! So congrats to LeAnna!!


  1. Yay! She has a name! What will her barn name be?

  2. Oh, great name! I'm so glad she finally has a name!! :)

  3. Michelle - what are you using for a barn name? I'm honored to even be a runnerup - it sure was fun juggling around words and trying to make something out of it! I'm anxious to see more photos of that filly - she's beautiful!

  4. I'm so excited to have won! I love blogging contests and giveaways. She's such a pretty little filly, any name will suit her! Thanks again for the fun!

  5. I actually have not chosen her barn name yet... I have a few out of the different names, but I need to talk with DD and see what she likes! BUT some of the ones I like are....

    Chammie, Belle, Harper, Bella.....Still thinking LOL!!!

  6. Oh that is great! You really couldn't lose picking between those two names! So glad she has a name!

    I tell ya, the thing that made me saddest after seeing how skinny my horse was before I got her... was asking them her name and they DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR HER. I was so surprised and disheartened. I even asked, "so, what do you call her", and they looked at eachother blankly.

    My guess is that she has papers (she's had an insane amount of training and she was a little barn princess at one time - so there's a good chance she's NSH). Anyway - any horse deseves a name - so I immediately gave her a barn name - she's my beloved Kona because she's dark like my favorite coffee and beautiful like Hawaii :)

    Sorry - I wrote a whole post on your comments. Congratulations and can't wait to hear your pretty girl's new barn name too!

    (I'm your newest follower too :)

  7. Both those names fit...congrats on finding a great name.

  8. Congrats to the winner! I can't wait to find out what her barn name will be. You know I like Rain (short for Rainbow). hehe!


  9. Rachel~ LOL your so funny!! Have I seen pictures of Kona?!?! I don't think I have...I will have to go look!! I love comments that give me something to read LOL!! And I'm glad to have you on board!

    Thanks FP & TUC!!

    Lisa~ Your so funny!! I know you LOVE that name *giggles*!! I'll tell DD!


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