Monday, October 26, 2009

What Does Fall Look Like Where I Live?!

You know I am so envious of those who are surrounded by the awesome fall colors of reds and oranges!! Around here where I am it's pretty much yellow LOL!! Of course if I go to town there are reds from neighborhood Red Maple's but we just don't have them in the middle of no-where!! So I thought I should share what fall looks like in my country side!!

Where could this road lead?!?!

To here!! This opening that is just beautiful for miles in all directions!!

We had some awesome storm clouds rolling in!

See yellow's and green's....No pretty reds and oranges :(

So when I arrive back from my little excursion this is what I find... My J who had been gone to an FFA National Convention all week and my DD who J had just picked up from a friends house.... J says in a very stern voice "where have you been"? I said "I was out taking pictures" so he says to me "well I was worried about you, please don't do that again"!! Yes sir SON!! LOL, he's quite the sweetheart!

DD was a pretty happy girl cause J bought her a Frappuccino!!

Have I mentioned lately how fabulous my kiddo's are!! LOVE THEM!!


  1. I wish we had pretty fall colors here too! Gosh we are lucky if we even get to green here. The greenest thing I'm used to seeing is the irrigated field, and you know as soon as you take water off it for harvest it immediately turns to brown! haha

  2. I enjoy your posting - and no it isn't copying -- it is being inspired... And if I took pics today to show you they would be blah brown and blah brown....I'll have to show you sometime... Our color lasts only a short time "don't blink you'll miss it" !! Love the story line and pics of the kids... made me laugh!

  3. we get pretty falls in Michigan but terrible winters always follow :(

  4. Michelle,

    Your kids are wonderful. I love it when they do nice things for each other, and when they miss you when you're gone. I have six kids, in case you didn't know. Two older girls are grown and out of the house, two teens, girls (17)and (14), one son who is 12, and a 17 month old girl.

    It's a busy life here in Indiana. And, yes, we are enjoying the peak of beautiful fall foliage right now. I love it!

  5. Where I'm at, Tri-Cities, fall colors don't have to travel a couple hours west for that.

  6. We did not get the pretty reds and oranges this year at all. We had an early freeze and things just turned black and then white.
    Don't you just love it when your kids say they are worried about us. Got to love them.

  7. Aren't sons interesting! One minute man, the next minute child. I told my Bo that he needed to be prepared . . . his voice would start changing soon. It would start cracking. He's not too fond of this change coming his way. Your J. looks quite grown up while giving you the stare down. Hehe

  8. If it weren't for the fact we live in a newly populated suburb of the Big City, we wouldn't have any pretty red maples at all! Out at my parents farm, it's all yellow, too. :)

  9. I'm right there with ya. My fall colors look exactly the same as yours. I'm so envious of people that have the beautiful colors. Your kids are so cute!

  10. Love the sights of fall in your neck of the woods anyway! Nothin prettier than a field of green!

  11. I didn't realize that not everyone gets the orange and red fall colors!! I guess I live a very sheltered life! LOL!
    Your son is so sweet, worried about you, love it!

  12. GUACG~ I couldn't believe it when I went to read and found our posts were so similar LOL!!

    KellieS~ Oh how I would LOVE to have 6 kids!! We were not able to have more (so far LOL) and I so dread that my J will be leaving for college in a couple of years!! And I am so very blessed with my 2 because they couldn't treat each other better if I asked them to, it's so awesome NO fighting!!

    Paula~ LOL I know!! You know I don't think J ever went through the crackling voice?!...

    PG~ You crack me up!! That's just so funny, I'm still laughing!!

    TW~ Thanks, I think so too!! But I could be biased LOL!!