Thursday, October 22, 2009

Polka Dots Everywhere!!

I think I might have mentioned a few weeks ago about repainting DD's room!! Well I made the worst judgment call when she asked for Polka Dots....See her room we just painted not even 2 years ago and of course it was all horses!! But she decided she wanted something bright and fun!! So that's what we did, and I'll never paint polka dots again!!!

Finally the finished product!!

Not even sure how many polka dots there are?!

It took me many many hours to paint them though :)

OPP she can't live without her "makeup desk" LOL!!

Gotta love her Coleman chair that she won in her Barrel racing class last year...She loves it!

Now she is FINALLY a happy girl LOL!! Her and her cat!!


  1. Oh how cute - and yes, those dots must have taken a lot of TIME to do! What fun! She'll never forget this room.

  2. Looks great. Can't get much more fun that that!

  3. It really is adorable! --- Fun room for her -- - Job well done!

  4. Oh my she should see spots before her eyes.
    It sure does look like a fun room for a girl.
    You did a great job however.
    Did you see dots for a few days afterwards.LOL

  5. Love the polka dots. I can only imagine the time it took. I don't have the patience to paint walls with one color! You're a great mom and I bet she loves it!

  6. Wow !! What a fun and bright room for a girl.

  7. I love it! You have must have a lot of patience.

  8. Wow...that is so cool. what a very lucky girl, as that is pretty enough to be in a magazine!! You did good:)

  9. It looks really amazing!!! I must admit, I'd have bought the wall clings and stuck those puppies all over instead of painting them! :)

    And yes, thankfully our run-in with the fence was only a close call. It was some bad timing with someone else deciding to feed the other horses while I was tacking up. So she was pretty amped up :(

    Have a great day!

  10. Now that is a room of every young girls dream!! I love it so much, I just might do mine like it! Just kiddin'! But I really do love it, and the colors are so cool! So girly and cute!!!!! Good job! I am sure it took you a long time, but now you have one happy daughter!

  11. What an awesomely fun bedroom! Looks like it came out of a magazine. Gorgeous!
    Will you come to my house next and paint my daughter's bedroom? I'm ashamed to admit that she only has white walls.


  12. Thank you, Thank you all!!

    Sharon~ I think I am still seeing dots LOL!! But I do smile everytime I go in her room :)

    Dusty~ So funny you should say that, because patience is something I am always working on LOL!!

    Rachel~ I might have used wall clinges if I had known how much work this would turn into LOL!!! I'm glad the run in wasn't to bad!! Don't ya love when it's something like that ;)

    PG~ You wouldn't believe how much she loves this room!! She literally just goes in there to sit LOL!!

    Lisa~ I am just one who cannot have a house without tons of color so I like to spill that into my kids' rooms to!! J's room is next, he's my simple child! Red and grey!! Then I'll get right on your daughters ;)

  13. What an awesome job!! I agree...that should be in a magazine.

    I have had so much fun painting Megan's rooms over the years. That was always a big thing we did to help settle in whenever we moved.

    She told me to prime the walls on her bedroom here in Colorado, so she can pick out new paint. One time when we were visiting, we painted it the most beautiful and BRIGHT yellow and did the pinks, purples, turquoises and lime in the curtains, area rugs and bedspread. Now she thinks it is too bright, so we'll start all over. I love doing it. Those are the cool things that kids never forget.

    I think it teaches them how to make a house a home. After's just a bit of paint.

    Gosh-I hope she doesn't want polka-dots though.:O

  14. BEC~ Thanks for the great compliment!! That's really great that Megan asked you to prime the wall, maybe she's considering coming home to you?! OH I hope she doesn't ask for polka dots either LOL!!! They are tedious!!

    I never even thought of rugs...I am officially on the hunt for some circle rugs now LOL!!!


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