Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Filly meet Boo the Cat!!

I tell ya we had quite the giggles when we got home on Saturday with this filly!! After she desperately tried to get in with the other horse and it wasn't working out for her she took to exploring her area's.. I sat out with her for a while then we decided to go ahead and feed and try to get her used to the feed.

So I got the pellet feed out first to try and get her to come sniff it and maybe just maybe try some?!?! Well it didn't take long for the barn kitty Boo to come out and start snooping...

So she continues to look around and slowly ever so slowly she'd bring in one more leg into the bucket!

So next thing I know the filly is sniffing the kitty's behind trying to figure out what the heck it is!! And Boo was sitting there almost to scared to look LOL!!

Finally the kitty looked and jumped straight up in the air!! And so did the filly LOL!!

Now the filly is following Boo the kitty trying to figure out what she is!!


  1. Haha, that's great. Looks like you've had as much rain as we have. Sure hope we don't end up with any abscessed hooves from all this mud.

  2. Funny - their curiosity usually gets them! Great story! Love Boos name!

  3. That's too funny! I just love watching babies explore.

  4. Ohhh-you got your filly! She is awesome!

    Poor Boo! Those were great shots you got. LOL!!

  5. That's way funny! Love the kitty's name. Perfect for a black kitty that is oh so scary to filly

  6. That is too funny!! Great pictures!!

  7. That is so hilarious! I love the whole story in photos! Too sweet!

  8. Leah~ UH this rain is never ending!! Should be better by Thursday though!

    BEC~ Yes I got her!!! And she's absolutely gorgeous!!!

    DD named her, I think it's quite fitting!! Especially now since she scared the filly LOL!!