Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing Like Good Old 4H Fun!!

Wednesday night marked our county's first 4H Horse Project meeting of the year! We were a little late in the year to be having our first meeting but it's been a transition to say the least! This year I have taken over as the Project Leader for the group and I have to say I have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to running a group like this!! I did not grow up in 4H, I always wanted to join but it didn't really fit our lives as kids I guess.... So my kiddo's have been member's for many years now! All of this came about as my friend Cowboy S was the leader and really the man is stretched for time in every aspect of his life so that's where I came in! He is our "Superintendent" so he helps me with ideas and any questions I have, he really is a great asset to our kids so I am very glad he stayed on! In addition I also have a gal from our county but different club than ours, she called me a couple of months ago and offered to help so that has been AWESOME!! I totally love her! She is so much like me....Might get dangerous LOL! We have lots planned for the kiddo's but our first meeting was grooming. We decided to go with that as we weren't sure how many "horseless" kids we have so some of them may not know the basics. I was so thrilled that everyone signed up for the project was there!!

Cowboy S never passes a dare....Think he's a bit big for the pony?!

Our next meeting we will be covering trail riding and trail safety as our first outing we have planned is a ride to move some cattle across the Chickaskia River in May!! I am SO excited for this! I think it will be an absolute BLAST for the kiddo's!!

This was HILARIOUS!! We sent the girls to load up one of Cowboy S's horses and next thing we know it's taking all 4 of them to close the door LOL!! Best part is they already had the divider closed so PJ wasn't getting out!


  1. ahhh 4-H the memories! I LOVED 4-H... As a matter fact I just found my "sewing project" when I was going through some of my mom's stuff.

    I made a stable blanket for the horse I had then. Red flannel on the inside and denim on the out.

  2. Good for you! 4-H can be so rewarding, and if you have good help you'll do just fine. Lots of good 4-H years in this family!!!!!! So great for kids.

  3. We have a 4H meeting tonight, the horse meetings don't start until May because of school stuff. Our highschool is big into sports so they stay busy with that. But I am REALLY looking forward to starting that, it looks like y'all had a bunch of fun! Thanks for the comments on my blog too :)

  4. Great photos of the kids.
    I remember when the boys were in 4-H. It is good for them and we all enjoyed it.
    Good luck to all.

  5. How fun! The adults riding the pony cracked me up! LOL!

  6. I have wonderful memories of being in 4-H. I was involved for probably 7 years. Our meetings weren't always consistent but it was always a blast to show at the Fair. We actually had one of the best 4-H teams in the area!! Very competitive.
    Looks like all the kids had so much fun!! They will make memories to last a lifetime!

  7. What a fun night and all showed up! Wonderful! How often do you meet --- we used to meet weekly in the summer...

  8. GUACG~ We will be meeting monthly for now, and of course if needed we will meet a couple more times in the summer before the fair!!

  9. I think this is such a good, idea, we should have it in England, too, although I suppose we have the Pony Club, which does the same thing, but yours sounds more exciting!

  10. Looks like fun! You're brave to take it on, too. Are all the kids experienced with horses? The cattle drive across the river seems pretty adventurous for a first outing for kids that might not have any riding experience. gah!
    I have riding experience, but I think I'd be a little cautious about an outing like that myself. lol!

    From learning how to groom a horse and then driving cattle across a river next. Wow. You 4-Hers are brave!

    Great pics


  11. Lisa~ LOL good question, I guess I should have mentioned that! Most of these kids have grown up with horses. There is really only 1 girl who isn't a "seasoned" rider and I don't know that she is even going... We did grooming as our first meeting just because we weren't sure if we would end up with any "horseless" riders so we wanted to see everyone's basic knowledge!