Monday, April 12, 2010

I've Been Tagged!!

So I've been tagged! Yes I do love being tagged for fun things, and this one is fun!! So Leah over at Livin' It Up Country tagged me for this; The rules are to post your tenth picture that you downloaded into picaso or photo folder and then blog about it. Then tag 5 others to do the same. If you wish to play along please do so if not that is OK. Well I do wish to play along!!

This would have been last Spring in March when the Hubby started halter breaking DD's steer!! This was lots of fun let me tell ya LOL!! A pretty typical way of halter breaking a steer would be tying it to a donkey for a couple of days and after it's been kicked 1,589,675 times it will quickly follow wherever you lead it! BUT of course we don't own a donkey so we improvise around here.....

Of course all didn't go as planned after this, we didn't get to work with Midnight as much as we should have but much to our surprise he was NOT a handful come fair time! Which was really good news since he weighed approx 1050 lbs and DD weighed all of 65 lbs!!

So in following the tag rules I shall now nominate my 5 bloggers to participate in this fun!! And of course if you don't want to play then we all understand!!

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Rachel over at Once Upon A Miracle

Mama H over at The Hohman Homestead

Paint Girl over at Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm

Kit over at Gizzards & Calf Fries


  1. Boy did that bring back memories! We halter broke all our steers, but when they were babies! My Gramps method was, steer, halter lead rope, me at one end of the rope, the steer at the other, and a cattle prod.....

  2. That is HILARIOUS! I had no idea that's how you did it, but I better get familiar with it because I can foresee our kids being very interested in this type of thing. :) Or maybe their father, moreso. Ha. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to play. I *think* I might have downloaded some pictures to flickr one time, but I rarely put anything in online albums anymore.

  3. We halter broke my heifer a week after she was weaned lol! Tied her to the fence so that she could pull on it alll day long and then she finally decided that fighting again the pipe fence wasn't much fun LOL now she's ok about it but since I'm not showing I'm not too worried. Like the photos!

  4. Great photos! There are several ways to get steers/calves halter trained. Tractors work good too!!! Takes a lot of work to finish the training. Love the first photo of hubby! And DD proud of her ribbon.

  5. I completely laughed out loud when I saw those first couple pics. Been there, done that, and thinking about doing it again, except ours have some horns, so I'm thinking maybe not... but I love the pics at the end. That's a beautiful happy girl!!

  6. Oh my goodness!! How funny is that! I have never seen a steer being ponied before!!
    But it worked, and look at DD with her blue ribbon!! I will play along sometime this week! These are actually the fun tags, never know what picture is going to come out of it!

  7. Hmmm, I'm thinking about halter breaking Itty Bitty. I don't think I will need a truck for that! Great pics.

    I will do the challenge, but I want to wait till I get home. I don't have many pics on my work laptop and most of the pics downloaded on flikr are ones that I have already blogged.

  8. Great post --- we had a 4-H steer twice and it was an experience twice! A tractor came in handy! Great job!

  9. WSOF~ OH yes I left out the part that involved the truck! How could I forget! Right before fair when Hubby went to load the steer he was being a toot so they tied him to the bumper of the truck and drug him around for a couple minutes LOL!!

    Mikey~ We have one with horns too! He and the horns are so big now it can be a bit scary LOL! The Hubby liked to grab the horns and play with "bob" but now it's not so funny anymore! BOYS!!

  10. lol! This was a terrific series of photos! I loved it. Is it any easier to halter train them when they are much younger, though? Like as in just weaned?
    That steer was so big, especially compared to DD! Wow!
    But she aced at the fair. Way to go!


  11. That is awesome that she did so well at the fair!!! Loved the picture story!

    Will try to catch up soon and get to this - love the idea!

  12. Lisa~ OH YES much easier when they are babies LOL!! Unfortunately we didn't get him until he was around 800 lbs I think...


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