Thursday, April 29, 2010

They Are Finally Gone!

For a few months now we have been selling off part of our herd. As hard as it has been to say goodbye to some of my favorite angels I am relieved to say they are all finally gone!! Of course I mean the ones we wanted gone! We still have 6 horses which is a very comfortable number for me!!

One of the horses I sold a few months ago but I have been boarding her until her new family could get boarding in town situated. Finally Sunday they showed to pick her up, however we weren't home... Of course I told them we wouldn't be home that evening but I guess they hoped to do it on their own. Well she is a 2 year old filly that has not been in a trailer since I brought her home at 4 months of age! They brought a slant load trailer which they did have the dividers open but she wasn't having it! J was the only one home and was calling me looking for words of wisdom I finally just told them we'd deliver her on Monday. So Monday after the Hubby got off work his brother came to help which I was thankful for since someone had to hold the camera! Me of course!! They got her loaded and I actually didn't get but a couple of pics cause I was trying to help with my 5 lb weight hanging from my neck!

Also gone from the ranch is the Hubby's dad's 3 yr old gelding. He is off to the trainers to be broke and I think dad will then keep him local near the town he lives in after the breaking is done and then has plans to sell him. It amazes me how you can have a horse in an environment with certain horses he is the bottom of the barrel but then he was moved to another group of our horses because of weaning the younger ones and he then decided that he was going to rule the roost! He couldn't be around his mama as he would try and nurse at his 3 years of age and she was put where he used to be so he was put with our 2 yr old and two yearlings, he was always being a brat to the boys! They would not stand up to him!! The yearling filly however did not hesitate to kick back when he'd mess with her! They always amaze me!

Jet staring a fight with the 2 yr old Bubba

Trying to bite his butt!

Now chasing my poor baby Stone! Who is obviously in total submission!


  1. What a bully Jet was! Poor Stone. He looks terrified. I'm always fascinated to see how young horses react to other more dominant horses.
    My neighbor's little filly, upon meeting Apache for the first time, kept smacking her lips and gnashing her teeth while keeping her head low. Alot like what Stone is doing with Jet. Like, "I'm just a little foal, please don't hurt me" lol!

    Congrats on the sale of your horses. This isn't the best time to be selling horses, but you managed to do it. I bet it's a relief. :)


  2. I, too' am amazed you were able to sell them off. My friend Heather's been trying to thin her herd and having no luck at all. And there are some NICE horses.

    Poor Stone! I have the feeling that's what it will be like here when Streaker comes to visit.

  3. What beautiful horses! You are lucky to have sold your horses so quick. The market up here is bad, really bad many are free or nearly free, and there seems to be a trend of just abandoning horses at boarding facilities.

  4. I was thinking the same thing - glad your horses went to good homes, especially in this market!

    And that last picture is so sad! Horses can be so stinky to eachother sometimes!

  5. Darn pecking order.lolGood to hear you were able to sell your horses. Market is poor here. How are you?! Are you selling lots? I saw your new jeans, so cute. I have been wearing skirts, loose shorts, and comfy jammies, for the last few weeks:( I just had surgery, so I can't wear jeans yet. I showed my husband my post. He said "I have old man hands!" I laughed no way, you have sexy working hands!

  6. It must be a relief that your herd is getting smaller, but it also must be very hard to have to see them go! I know how attached you can get!
    Stone is getting so big!! I want to see close up shots of him now! It's been awhile, or maybe I just missed some picture's, since I haven't been visiting blogs as much lately :(

  7. I know around here the market is picking back up! I am sure there are some local that are not easy movers but I really sold 7 in a matter of 2 weeks! A few cheaper than I wanted but I was comfortable with the rest!

    TW~ Oh dear GOD!!! I totally worded that one wrong LOL!! I meant weathered Cowboy hands aka working man hands LOL!!! Tell him I meant no harm BAHAHA LOL!!! Surgery?! You okay?? Things are going good here, selling goes in spurts. Some weeks not bad and some weeks nothing!

    PG~ Well great minds think alike because I posted some tonight LOL!!


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