Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Couldn't be Complete Without an Emergency Vet Visit!!

Holidays with my family are ALWAYS fun and crazy!! When we get together we have such an awesomely fun time! Easter is always held at my house since there is so much room to roam. This Easter was a fantastic day, the weather was beautiful!! I don't think we have ever had that nice of an Easter!! So the family all spent the day playing with water balloons, riding 4 wheelers, taking walks, sitting outside and just having a nice relaxing time.....UNTIL.....The Hubby decided to do something.....

Hubby decided after watching our horses in the pasture up front that he wanted to move my Mom's yearling filly "Angel" to the back pasture to get her away from the boys who keep picking on her! So he grabs a rope halter and heads out to catch her, well that took just a couple of minutes but once she had that rope halter on she was a little ticked! We have always used a nylon halter on her so I don't know if the pressure points caught her off guard or she just simply wasn't having any of this...So they get her moving along and she's throwing a couple of fits along the way and finally he gets her moving steady and one of the other horses comes blasting in between the Hubby and Angel...Angel immediately rears up and flips over backwards smacking her head on the wooden post at the gate! Hubby gets her up and then I get the "UH-OH" look and a motion to come here so I knew then it must not be good if he wants me to come check it out. I get over there and I was shocked to see a hole in the side of her face! Not a large hole, maybe a couple of inches long but a pretty obvious bone exposure and break in there...UGHH!!! Seriously?! After an accident a couple of years ago with one of my former filly's Mya I was freaking out because I knew the dangers of cracked or broken bones if they get infected! So I call my SIL over to have a peek and see if she see's the same thing I do and yep she does :( So she immediately gets on the phone and calls the Vet for me. Our fantastic Vet allowed me to interrupt her Easter Day and came right out. I should mention that in the mean time we are all standing around waiting and my wonderful family pretty much all stayed till all was said and done! So during the wait the Hubby then decides he will move a round bale out for DD's horse so he has J drive it in while he feeds Krissy in another paddock...I said "not a good idea", I was just not having a good feeling after Angel's accident! So I am up with Angel and I let her roam around the paddock for a bit and then I realized that there was a section of the panels that Hubby had left open and Angel was headed straight for it! I didn't want to run after her, afraid I would spook her to a run so I hollered at my Uncle to block the opening so he did and all was well until we are standing there and he says "UHHH D's horse is out...UHHH Krissy is running around SHE'S OUT"!!!! It took me a minute to realize that yep sure enough she's out and running around like a little kid high on helium! SO I head towards her and she of course takes off towards the other horses then LUCKILY she seen that open panel and ran straight in there! WHEW!!! Hubby got her caught and put back, that could have been bad! Apparently J didn't realize it but the Hubby had opened the gate to let Krissy back in and when J drove out of her area he didn't shut the gate because he thought the Hubby was behind him and Krissy was still locked up...NOPE thought wrong! But no harm no foul, right?!

My SIL who is a Canon girl grabbed my Nikon D90 which is like a foreign language and took some great shots for me! So thank you "Canon Girl"!!

We got Angel doped up and rinsed the wound then she got her stitches and some shots. She is on an oral antibiotic as it didn't seem feasible to try and shoot her everyday with penicillin... So we are post day 3 and looking good! So far there has been minimal swelling so hopefully the bone heals well!


  1. Well, it just wouldn't be a holiday unless there's at least one disaster, right? Poor hubby wasn't having a good day, not to mention, poor Angel! Glad you got her taken care of.

  2. Wow and I thought my holidays with family were exciting!!! Glad all is well and hopefully Angel continues to heal without infection.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Poor little gal! Hope it heals up nicely. We loaded up our colt on Saturday and gave him to the girl that owns his sire. That was an adventure, but she calmed him right down and said he's been doing great. He about went over backward in the trailer and hit his head on the side, geeee, so nerve wracking!

  4. Awwww poor little girl!

    You did great - me? I would've losing my temper with hubby about the time the second horse was loose.

    I hope she heals up without any complications....

  5. Poor thing and I hope that all is better with her and she will be ok.

  6. What do they say about 'good intentions'? gah!

    Sure wish hubby could have just left well enough alone and just enjoyed the holiday, quietly. eeek!

    I'm sorry Angel got hurt. Right on the bone that juts out on the jaw line. ouch! Did she really fracture it, too?
    Did the vet charge you double for a holiday weekend visit? I hope not.

    I'm glad that Krissy didn't get into any trouble when she escaped. Whew!


  7. Oh, the poor thing!! I am glad she is going to be okay!! Never a dull moment is there?

  8. Yeah...that is how it goes... but it looks like all ended well!

  9. Steph~ Trust me I wanted to lose my temper LOL!! I just vented quietly and hoped he couldn't tell I was frustrated!!

    LOR~ Yes she sure did! No the Vet literally charged me $35.00, she rocks like that!! Of course they oral antibiotic is probably $50.00! Haven't gotten that bill yet!

  10. Awww! Poor thing!

    (NO WAY about your awesome vet only charging that much - WOW!)

    Hope she heals up fast!

  11. Oh dear, never a dull moment with horses, is there? Hope she's okay, she's a sweet little thing.