Monday, April 26, 2010

Sandbagging?! That's What the Hubby Calls It!

Sandbagging....Have you heard that term used in "racing" type events?! I suppose I have probably heard it before.. Sunday we decided to take DD and Krissy to a town about an hour away and let her run their Saddle Club Fun Show! I mainly wanted to do it because we haven't yet had DD run Krissy full throttle on the barrel pattern, she has trotted her a couple of times on the pattern but I'm choosing to use the "road less traveled" with Krissy. She has spent time just riding her outside of the arena and just exercising her in the arena. She has not yet run her on the poles at all, so I really REALLY wanted this accomplished!

We got her all signed in but I didn't really pay attention to the events she was running I just assumed they would have poles! Well as the old saying goes "don't assume as you make an A** out of U and ME"!! Ya that's right NO poles?! What the crap?! I mean they did use poles in 2 of their events but not a "real" pole run! ARGH! They ran barrels first and I was pleasantly surprised to see Krissy ready to put some speed into her run! Everytime DD has ridden her she almost acts like she's to sleepy to be ridden LOL! But alas she HAS speed! They didn't make the prettiest barrel run but I'll take it for a first go around! She got 1st place! Her time ended up being a 22.?? which was the 2nd fastest out of everyone there!

The other events she did I was not familiar with! She had to watch the kids ahead of her to get the patterns down! On the second event she ran a 13.??. The other 2 events she did were again ones I was not familiar with but she won both of those for her age group to!

DD has never run this event before but she did well I thought!

So now the kicker....There were only 2 kids in her age group *giggles*!! BUT the other boy is a boy she competes against in one of her other circuits and he is really good! She was right in the top with all of the grown up times on all 4 events! So this is where the term "sandbagging" comes in... The Hubby calls it that because he said she is a stranger who came in cleaned house and went home with the trophy and all the blue ribbons LOL!

Somewhere through the run she forgot to steer on barrel 3!!


  1. Way to go, DD! So glad the new horse is working out for her.

  2. Sounds fun!!! I'm toying with the idea of running barrels on my 18 yo ranch horse, he's doing surprisingly well with what little practice I've been doing with him. Going to haul him to a friends arena and see what they think of him...

  3. That looks like so much fun, well done DD! I so need to have a go at this in our arena when it's finished.

  4. Well, maybe a little bit of sandbagging. But it is a new horse, so it's not really like you guys 'knew'-LOL.

    Good job.

  5. That sounds like TONS of fun! I would love to do barrels, but don't have a horse, so.....
    Glad that horse is doing well for DD.

  6. We call that kicking butt and taking names!!

  7. Glad to hear that the new horse is working out for DD. Congrats to her on her win.
    Enjoyed the video of her.

  8. Oh my goodness! What a terrific start with her new horse! That is great! Congratulations to both the 2-legged and 4-legged stars!


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