Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture Mania...!

A week ago Saturday was my Brother's Wedding! I did the photography for the wedding and reception and might have gotten a little crazy taking pictures...But just a little...I think I was really afraid to miss a special moment so I just kept snapping.....and snapping.....and some more snapping to the tune of ohhhh around 1000 pictures *giggles*!! So uh yeah this is taking a while to edit! Not to mention that I did a shoot on Sunday of my kids and one of my Best Friends kids so add another 400+ pictures to my total! My eyes feel like they might fall out of my head! So if I haven't made it by to visit lately it's because the picture monster has got me!!

So for today I will share just a few or more....from the wedding!

My Big Bro introducing me to the guests LOL!!

Officially Married!!

Me with my gang!

DD and my Niece

Me with the Bride and Groom aka my handsome Bro!

All of my girls! Cousin J, Granny, DD, Niece D, Mama, me, & Cousin S~!!


  1. Oh wow that lighting is SO COOL!! Great photos! I can't wait until I get senior photos taken (in 2 years LOL), I want to find a good photographer and have some fun with it... I told mom I want to shoot my own senior photos though lol

  2. Lovely pictures. A nice family wedding. Great job.

  3. These turned out fantastic, girl! I've been meaning to comment on them on facebook, but this week hasn't exactly provided time for that. :) You did a great job!

  4. Great great pictures!!!!! I love the brides dress.. very simply elegant =)

  5. It's so easy to take lots of pictures. I've been known to do it too. Great job!

  6. I browsed your pics first thing this morning then had to leave --- they are just as nice the second time around - You did a wonderful job! I also have a tendency to overtake pics -- nahhhh it is great you get so many wonderful shots when you take lots!

  7. Thanks you ladies very much!! It was a nervous but fun time!!!

  8. Looks like a great day for everyone. Your pictures turned out beautifully! Any photos from the reception?
    Did you/they end up doing the coffin photos, too? lol!

    It's great seeing photos of you, too.



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