Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well I finally have her sold!!!

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Last year I purchased a weanling dun filly. I introduced you to her here, then I did a little update on her here... Well a few months ago we decided to sell her, but really I did not feel comfortable selling her to just anyone because she needs a lot of work and a special person to get through to her.. So a couple of weeks ago Hubby had decided to just take her to the sale, we knew we wouldn't get much for her but at this point she is just another mouth to feed that I don't have time to give the proper amount of attention to.. So while I was over at my new shop getting things set up the lady who owns the place and has her salon there had some customers sitting around and we got on the topic of Sissy. I said she was going to the sale, and this gentleman there asked why, and basically said he was looking to buy a yearling that he could start fresh with and do everything his way. I explained to him her past and the issues that she has had, as I would never NOT tell someone exactly what they would be dealing with. SO we have been very busy and with the stupid time change it's dark by 5:30 and we were never available until after then and you can't really do much in the dark, right?! So finally we were home this afternoon and he was able to make it out before dark, so he spent some time getting up close to her and backing away as she would get tense. I was supremely impressed with his equine skills, I haven't met a lot of men that will use this method of approaching and backing off until the horse feels safe but this one did and I'll be darned if the minute he got his hands on her she calmed!! I was so happy I got tears in my eyes, I knew she was scared and I so want her to have a loving bond with someone. He rubbed her down for a bit checked her body condition and then I gave him the lead and halter and she took it great (of course she is halter broke, but you'd have to get the lead around her neck to stop her or she would run off). So he walked her around a bit and then came over and said he was very impressed with how she is filling out and the muscle mass that she has is good for her age! SO he said it....Yes he would love to own her!!!!!! I was so happy!!! I think they are a perfect match and I know he will do great things with her!! She will stay here a bit longer while he gets where he is taking her situated and plans to have her paid for by Christmas! In the meantime I have told him he is free to come see her anytime he wants!! So that was a great ending to a somewhat stressful day today!! YIPPEE!!

Sissy right after we got her..

Sissy last Spring with my sweet Ellie...

Such a pretty headed filly!


  1. Awww, I just love stories like this! It makes you feel so much better about where your animals are going when you get to see them interact. I hope we can find a good home for our colt!

  2. That was so sweet to hear that you know someone who will take good care of her.
    Thanks for sharing her story.
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Aawww...sounds like the perfect outcome for everyone!

  4. I know it is a relief to find the right home - they become family....but we can't keep them all!

    I'm so excited to hear who won the giveaway!

  5. Sissy is really pretty, and I am so happy to hear you found her a really good home!!

  6. What a relief and perfect timing, too. She sure is a pretty filly. I'm glad she's going to a good home.