Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night!!

For Halloween this year DD had decided on being a "Zombie Doctor", but then we got a letter about a rodeo in a town just west of us at their Saddle Club grounds. So we talked with DD about it because she officially starts the winter circuit next Saturday and thought it wouldn't hurt for her to have the extra practice. And they had plans for a "Tailgate and Treat" after the rodeo, so she said yes she wanted to go and decided that she would just be a "Zombie Cowgirl" since she would already be dressed LOL!! So off we went and arrived at the rodeo grounds to find no one else there!!! So after a couple of phone calls we figured out they had canceled it due to some water in the arena... The water wasn't that bad! So anyhow we let them ride around for a couple of hours and a couple of other families had showed up as well so we had our own little practice session LOL!!

So since they didn't get to trick or treat there we all went to our small town for some Trick or Treating!! First they had to get their makeup on and DD decided after she got her makeup on that she did not look like a zombie so she decided that she was going as a "Dead Cowgirl" OH BROTHER!!!! Oh and how she was killed you ask!?!? She was stepped on by an Elephant LOL, her Uncle helped her come up with that one... SO it was DD and her cousins, they had fun but everyone tired pretty quickly!! I must say this is the best weather I can EVER remember having on Halloween!!

I still am not sure that I like her chosen "theme"...

She did look pretty scary though LOL!!

DD and the cousins, T a vampire cowgirl, D a werewolf cowboy, and M tinkerbell!! Notice we stick strong in the cowboy around here LOL!!

How many people can say they trick or treat at their Principals house!! So sweet!!


  1. That's so funny, the makeup is all the same except for Tinkerbell.

    We live so far out, our house sits way back from the road, and it's gated because of the horses, so no trick-or-treaters. I always buy one bag of candy "just in case," but we haven't had kids show up since our kid still lived at home.

  2. They look like they had fun! That's what counts, and you didn't spend and arm and a leg on costumes either! They have as much fun planning and getting ready as actually going out trick and treating! Oh - love that class ring too!

  3. That is definitely a terrifying little cowgirl ;-)!

  4. Way to go...custom made costumes are the best! Now did Mom have a costume? Your tailgate and treat I'm sure must be similar to our Trunk and Treat..... This just developed the last couple of years so I haven't taken part..... Very creative. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Ohhhh very scary. I hate scary, but kids seems to love it. Sounds like a fun night. It was pretty cold here!!

  6. Sounds like they had a fun time! I think they were very creative. I love it!

  7. Looks like a good time was had by all and that is what counts!

  8. Great costumes!! Sounds like they had a lot of fun!!

  9. Leah~ I know, that's how it is out here!! No neighbors so no candy LOL!! We had to go into town for the kids!

    GUACG~ Oh goodness no I didn't have a costume LOL!!! Yeah I think the tailgate and treat would have been fun if that hadn't of canceled it LOL!!

    And yes I did luck out with about zero cost on costume this year LOL!! First time in 16 years!!

    FGP~ I hate scary too!! DD usually does, so I don't know what was up with her LOL!!


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