Monday, November 23, 2009

WHEW!! Another long Rodeo Weekednd behind us!

Well I can say we've never done this before LOL... Friday night DD had one of her BFF's stay overnight so that she could go to the rodeo with us on Saturday, but her friend wanted to bring her horse so she could ride around Saturday as well! So Hubby said it was A-OK to bring the horse over!! So DD had her very first friend and horse sleepover LOL!!!

Saturday's rodeo went well, DD had a time of 17 something we couldn't hear the announcer but they will put the standings up in a few days anyhow. She did a pretty good job following through on her looking to the next barrel with the help of my SIL who hollers for her to look. That always seems to help her get focused LOL!! Poles weren't the greatest but she did a time of 30 seconds...We have a couple of things to work on with her, and hopefully by the next rodeo in December she'll do better! Goat tying on Saturday went good only because her goat didn't move after she tied, she said the rope was loose and if he'd of moved it would have come undone LOL!! Breakaway they did good tracking the calf now she needs to get throwing the rope down!! It was only her second time doing it so I am pretty proud that she's giving it a try!!

This is actually Sunday's run, the video was a bit better on this one :)


  1. I enjoyed watching the video. She did a good job.
    I thought that was so cute to have a BFF and Horse sleepover.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Way to go DD -- great run! Way to Get - Scoot & Boogie! Barrels use to be my favorite - when I was DD's age I had a really tall but skinny appaloosa gelding that loved to run! He may have loved it more than me!


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