Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Pre Rodeo Practice!!

First things first...I am severely behind in reading everyone's blogs!! I will catch up soon I promise!!

Halloween night my DD and her cousins were planning on running in a rodeo in a town West of us. The paper said as long as the weather was good they would be having it so I was thinking at about 70 degrees was pretty good weather for a rodeo, right!?!? I mean it was a NICE day out on Halloween day!! So away we went and only to find that there was no one there...Due to water in the arena from rain a few days before, but it wasn't really all that much water and it was off in the corner by the chutes and we wouldn't be using those anyways! OH well we had the horse saddled already so we told DD and her cousins to just ride for a little while then they could do some practice runs! We ended up actually with another family that showed for the rodeo with their horse and another family that just came...But they had a great time, and DD got the practice she needs and will hopefully be geared up for next weekends runs!!

Giving Cousin Little Cowgirl a ride!

So sweet!!

Slow practice on the barrels

Little Cowgirl wanted DD to take her through the water LOL!!

DD and her friend chatting!


  1. That's good she got to practice. It may give her a little edge for this weekend.

  2. Lookin' good! Those two are cutie pies!

  3. Glad she got to practice anyway.
    Those are such cute photos of the girls.
    Good luck to her on the real runs.
    God bless

  4. There is just something about girls and their horses. I like the picture of the two of them riding together, how fun and what great memories for the cousin!

  5. Cute pictures!!! Brings back memories from my playday days. :)

  6. Good for you guys taking advantage of the empty arena and getting in some practice. Adorable photos, too.


  7. oh what fun! Good luck next weekend!

  8. Practice is good!! I loved to practice when I was younger!
    Cute pictures of the girls!