Thursday, November 5, 2009

Summer Rodeo Awards Banquet

This past Sunday we finally had the awards banquet for the summer rodeo circuit DD did called GHYR.. So we had a dinner and the kids got their prizes! It was done a bit different than I've ever seen before... Usually each child will get a prize that goes with the event that they participate in. Like last year Barrel racers got a saddle blanket. This year they gave everyone the exact same things even if they didn't do the same amount of events... So DD is now sporting a new buckle that she likes, nice warm coats with their names embroidered on them, a saddlebag, a bucket, and a t-shirt.. So they had a good time, and unfortunately DD was missing some friends due to illness's in their families so we got all of their prizes for them!!

She is ready to EAT!!!!!

Do you think J would have rather stayed home?! LOL!

DD and her cousin Little Cowboy!

I love the expression on her face LOL!! She must think those 3 buckets are heavy!!

And she likes it!!


  1. Good job DD! sounds like you took home alot of good loot!!

  2. Aw - congratulations DD! I think you scored! :)

  3. Great job DD and that buckle does look heavy.
    I would say J does look like he wants to be someplace else. Poor guy.

  4. Great looking buckle! Congrats to her!

  5. She's got the cutest smile!! :)

    Hey, I want that buckle! Pretty cool -- congrats to DD!! :)

  6. Way to go! Congrats on raking in the goods.

  7. Look at all that loot! J doesn't look to excited to be there!

  8. Congrats! I still have my buckle.... wow... 20 + years ago

  9. what a wonderful reward, she will have the buckle forever.. I promise!


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