Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Much Of This Around Here!

Being out here in the country I truly do forget all of the *annoying to me* noises that go on. For instance we were in the city the other night for my nephews Birthday party and some neighbors across the street were banging dents out of the trunk of their car! OH MY GOODNESS I thought I was going to go bonkers! They just kept on and on! I was reminded just how blessed I am with my peace and quiet here on the prairie...Maybe to much so?!

Another noise I have thankfully forgotten is airplanes! Nope we don't have them...Hardly ever! So I tend to forget that maybe some of my horses don't get desensitized to certain sounds then when we go somewhere and a certain noise pops up I always watch and wonder what they will do... The last time we had a "plane" fly over we ended up with a catastrophe on our hands! I posted about that here, early that morning we had a crop duster fertilizing a field next to our pasture and some of my horses just went nuts! Leading to shown injury! Luckily she healed just fine!

So needless to say the other morning when I heard the loud rumble of a crop duster over my house I ran outside (of course grabbing my camera first LOL)! And was so thankful to find all of my horses perfectly fine with this monster roaring over their heads! YAY!! Some of them are yearlings and have never heard a plane much less have one right over their head! I was one proud Momma!

You can see their horsey butts next to the barn there...

Eating away with not a care in the world!!

Krissy was hanging out in her house!

This evening we took DD over to a local arena to exercise Krissy some more before her rodeo debut tomorrow night and as she was riding across the field to the arena a train came blasting through about 200 yards from her train horns and all and she didn't even bat an eye! I was thrilled with that!


  1. Thank goodness. We are in a very rural area here by english standards, but we get all sorts of traffic on the roads and hot air balloons in the summer. The horses always look astonished. Have fun with the rodeos, I look forward to lots of piccies.

  2. We are in a rural setting also, but we have a relatively busy hwy that runs on one side and out dinky county road on another. I'm grateful for the planes. We don't have crop dusters, but I have seen stunt pilots in biplanes do that thing where they climb straight up, cut the engine, then spiral down before pulling restarting the plane and pulling the nose up.

    The hwy makes sure they have all manner of vehicles, including packs of bikers, semis, farm and construction equipment. And we're at Heather's there's train tracks on 2 sides and trains that fly by about every 30 minutes.

    All character-building experiences.

    Good luck to DD & Krissy.

  3. See we live out in the middle of nowhere, but planes come over ALL THE TIME. And not crop dusters, I'm talking military jets out on maneuvers, the ones where you look up where you think you hear it and it's already way in front of where it sounds LOL my gelding came from an area within a few miles of an airforce base so he's completely used to em

  4. LOL-Our horses may not be used to much, living way out in the country like they do, but planes...Yep, they have no problems with those.

    One of our neighbors has two planes and they are always flying over our property and also the people who lease our pasture have a plane. He lands it in our yard and comes in for coffee-LOL.

    I've always thought we were very fortunate to have my mom's little property on the edge of town, cause keeping horses there desensitizes them to pretty much everything. People, kids on bikes, traffic, sirens. They get the works. After they have spent a couple of months on that property, they are really nice to haul places.

  5. That's awesome. And I love the pics. Glad you grabbed that camera!

    People that come to our house always remark about how quiet it is. I couldn't imagine living anywhere other than the country.

  6. I live on 20+ acres but we are in the middle of a large town and have a TON of traffic noise. I HATE it! But I never did think of how it would effect livestock to have it quiet all the time. My sister lives next to a train tracks and can sleep through the train and hardly every notices when it goes by...funny how we can train the brain:)

  7. Love the pictures! And so glad your horsies have figured out that the plane won't eat them :) Now my arab? She'd just pretend that she didn't remember it not eating her last time and just look for an excuse to act like a scaredy-cat, ha ha :) Except, sometimes she forgets to be scared of something and I totally call her out, LOL.

    Again, I love the pictures!