Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Friday Night Rodeo~!!

This whole getting into the grove with a new horse while running events has been kicking DD's butt! This poor girl just could not get out of the mindset of riding her old horse...BUT after much practice I think she's finally getting it!

Thursday night we took her to an open barrel race and exhibition which she ran her 3 exhibitions at a slower pace of course and then for her open run she ran almost up to her full speed and had a 21 second run!! On a full sized pattern! WHOO-HOO!! The fastest run was by an older girl who clocked 18 seconds, so I was pretty proud of my girl!

Friday night she had her junior rodeo, we were pretty pumped for this night as we were sure she would do better than the last 2 weeks...First up was goat tying and she got her's tied but I can't remember her time! Next up was Barrels, she ran pretty good but was a bit wide coming out of barrel 2. She ran a 22 second and then ran an exhibition and tightened up those turns but still had a 22 LOL! It was exactly the same time as the first run down to the milliseconds...Strange?! So coming home on the exhibition run she lost her stirrup and Krissy went to stop and hopped sending DD bouncing in her saddle and almost up over her horn but she caught herself with her elbow, that hurt a bit and she now has a nice shiner on her elbow! So Flags was next and she placed 1st place with an 8.28 second run! She had the same issue coming home and almost bounced over her saddle again! So Poles was last and she ran a great pattern and ended up with a 27 second run which is her best personal time! She actually could have had a faster time but she practically trotted home in fear that she was going over the horn again! The fastest run on poles that night was a 26 second and that was by a high school girl...So I'm thinking my lil old Cowgirl outdid herself that night! She was beaming with pride and so were we!

This is a series of pictures I took on her exhibition run Friday night.

LOOK at these strides! AWESOME~!!

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE this new horse! She is so sweet with DD, she has great manners, stands still, isn't jumpy at the gate, doesn't spook, just truly a great horse! We are so blessed!


  1. Cool! We finally got a time on poles, a 27 I think, and a 23 on barrels! I check him too soon at the first barrel, because he usually doesn't respond right away, but he DID and so we lost some time there. Mom says he's not running very well, as in actually flattening out and RUNNING, any tips?? He's 18 and so I don't know if I just need to push him harder or what but I don't want to overdo it on him.

  2. Dang, I wish I had that girl's riding chops.

  3. much better there Miss DD!! Good job.

    The rest of it will come with continued practice.

    I used to have a real problem with blowing out of 2nd early, until I figured out that there is one extra stride in that turn. I finally fixed that problem, by making sure to mentally make myself hold onto the turn position during practice until my horse was lined out and heading straight for 3rd. It takes a bit, but eventually it becomes habit in competition too.

    And I am liking that mare too. Besides being beautiful, you can sure tell she is doing her best to take care of DD.

  4. Looks great!! That mare looks like she is the perfect match for DD!! Glad she is doing well with her and it will only get better!

  5. Great pictures - and DD you are doing great and adjusting well to Krissy and Krissy to you! Good luck...

  6. Whoo Hoo DD! Love those pictures! She is a brave kiddo and I love that this is such a great horse for her! :)

  7. BK~ Well this is just my thoughts...So if anyone else has anything to add please do! But first off are you stretching your horse out before riding? It could be tightened muscles. Next thing I would suggest is pre-run time get some riding in at all gaits. When you are ready for him to full out run make sure you are applying pressure with your calves and heels and make sure you are light on the reins giving him his head. Then if he still isn't giving a good fast run apply your spurs gently pricking upwards into his sides. Hope something of that will help you!

  8. The barrels are the LAST thing at the playday, after 4 show events and the poles, but there is a lot of down time between timed events. I think I will try giving him a good warm up (again) before the run... I've been using a barrel whip (He runs faster even with me just carrying it, not spanking him) but I will try using spurs too. I'm getting ready to go out and practice, so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the reply!