Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Sorry To Have Gone Missing!

So I realized it's been a week since I last posted! I first off must apologize for not stopping in and saying hi to everyone!! I have been reading just haven't had enough time to post comments for everyone...Hopefully I will get back into the groove soon!

So for now I will quickly tell you what's been going on here! First things first, Maggie (the pig) that I posted about here is not getting any better!! I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrating this is for me! I hate for an animal to feel sick and she has had the runny gumption's for a while now. I have literally tried a dozen things, from some home remedies including giving her Kaopectate, oatmeal, I have dewormed her 4 times, given her a couple of different shots that the Vet recommended, some medicine that went in her water...And the list goes on! She is literally half the size she was when we got her, right now I am waiting on a different medicine that the Vet had to order in. Hopefully this will be the cure! She doesn't act ill other than the diarrhea, she runs and plays, eats and drinks. I'm so puzzled with this!

Our Memorial weekend was a bit different than most people's! DD's dance recital was held on Sunday so Saturday was taken up with rehearsal which is an absolute blast if you ask me!! Rehearsal is the day we are allowed to take pics or video which I am extremely thankful for. Sunday's recital was an exciting time for DD, she has worked so hard for this and we were very blessed to have my Mom, my SIL and two nieces, and my FIL & MIL there to watch her. She is a very lucky girl with so many great family members who love her to pieces! Every year there is a special award given out to the girl who (actually two girls) is always excited to be in class, took time out of their busy lives to practice, always had a smile on their face and never complained....SO guess what....My DD won!! I was SO very proud of her, I literally had to fight the *ghastly* sobbing and just let a few tears trickle! The award that is given is free tuition to their Summer Dance Camp that is held at their main studio in Oklahoma. When I asked her how she felt when she got the award she told me "well as Miss Mindy was talking about the *girl* that would win this award and the things they have done to earn it, I thought inside that OH I hope I win cause I do all of those things" LOL!! My sweet girl! So just a bit of Momma pride here!

Tap dancing!

Ballet, she loves ballet!

Jazz dance!

And the "Finale Dance" that everyone does together!

For some reason I didn't get any gymnastics pictures... :(

Flowers DD got from her Grandma, Aunt and Cousins after her recital!

Flower's Daddy bought!

J has been out of school for 1 week and I have seen him maybe a total of three times! Gosh I miss that kid! Last Thursday he went to the city with 2 of his best buds to see Jason Aldean and Brooks and Dunn in concert. I treated the boys to the concert as a gift since I had taken DD and her bestie to see Taylor Swift, they were so thrilled and sent me many messages while they were there about how awesome it was! Then J left Friday and went south for Memorial weekend to a mountain house and spent the weekend fishing in the river and getting really sunburned! He got home late Monday then was off Tuesday morning for Football camp which he was so excited for! We have a new coach and are so thankful for this mans enthusiasm for our program, the old coach kind of had a raw deal. He was a young guy thrown into "head coach" position before he was really ready for that so there have been some changes made. We're really excited to see what the football season will bring as J already knows he will be starting Varsity!! Then bright and early Wednesday morning he left on yet another FFA trip to K-State in Manhattan and won't be home till Friday! Gosh I feel so lost without him to make me smile and laugh!!

Rodeo season officially starts up for us again this weekend so tonight we spent some time exercising DD's horse and getting her geared up for the weekend!

DD and her cousin who will start riding all on her own this year!


  1. That is one busy schedule you've got going. Congrats to DD on the dance prize.

    How is DDs new horse working out?

  2. Congrats to DD and to you - Proud Momma!

    Busy busy schedules.... I sorta live in that schedule to but hope after the next couple of weeks it slows down just a bit.

  3. I can't believe it... Three of my favorite artists ever, and y'all went to ALL THREE CONCERTS!!! You're schedule sounds like ours; Busy!!

  4. You guys sound BUSY!

    Love the dance pics - congrats to DD!

    And congrats to J on Varsity!

    And sorry about the piggie... so hard to figure that stuff out sometimes!

  5. All the dancing pics brought back so many memories of my daughter's dancing days some years ago, ballet, tap and modern, and transporting her to various venues to practise and perform. Happy days. I have finally realised who DD reminds me of, the girl in the Harry Potter movies, do you know who I mean? I don't watch them so just see glimpses of her from time to time and she was on an awards programme the other night and she looked just like DD, amazing!

  6. Wow! You are crazy busy! Congrats to DD on her win!! Such a good dancer! I wish I could dance, but I didn't get the dancin' gene! LOL!
    I hope your pig gets better soon, hopefully the new meds will help!
    Looking forward to your rodeo season!! It is always fun to see and read about!!

  7. Leah~ So far Krissy is working out great!! She has a few vices, such as she gets a bit nervous sometimes when we leave home and gets loose stool. We also found out at the fun show a few weeks ago that she doesn't like being tied with all the commotion around her...I'm hoping it was just that particular place as it was a bit hectic there. Friday night will be her first "real" rodeo test...So we shall see!

    AM~ Would you believe I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies LOL! Not even one piece! I will have to google it now LOL!!


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