Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rodeo Season Kickoff

Friday night marked the start of one of our local rodeo circuits that DD runs in. We were all excited and of course quite nervous as this was her first "real" rodeo on Krissy, she did a fun show about a month ago and they did excellent!

We arrived Friday evening and got her all signed in. Got Krissy tacked up and ready to go. They warmed up in the arena and I was relieved to see Krissy was quite comfortable with all of the other horses and riders around her. When we did the fun show Krissy was a bit on edge, she never "acted" up I could just tell she wasn't liking the place and wanted to throw a fit. I have figured out she is a very sensitive horse and does not like people hollering and carrying on around her. She doesn't do anything she just tenses up.

My nephew and my niece are also doing these rodeo's, my nephew has done them as long as DD has but this is my niece's first year riding by herself. So that was very exciting for her and us!

I actually missed some of DD's goat tie as I was watching my niece in the big arena doing barrels and it was quite the cute show! DD had a bit of trouble dismounting and didn't get her string tight enough so the goat broke loose, she had a big look of disappointment on her face after that...

Barrel one went pretty good for my niece!! *you can enlarge these pictures by clicking on them, they are hilarious*!!

NO she is NOT falling off of her horse!!! She literally has her feet jammed in her stirrups and is pulling as hard as she can to get her ol horse back on track as he veered for home after barrel two! She did get him back on track and finished her run! She was SO proud of herself, as were we!!

DD came out for her barrel run and I knew from the start she wasn't right. She totally blew the whole run! I cannot even say what she did wrong as it was pretty much all wrong LOL! Basically same story on poles and flags...DD was a bit frustrated with herself and told me "mom it was not Krissy, it was all me! I kept telling myself no don't jerk the reins, this isn't Pete and Krissy knows what she's doing...But I just couldn't stop"! POOR girl! I felt so bad and frustrated for her!! She wanted so badly to start the season off well and didn't meet her expectations! She is ready to practice some more and do better next time..

So I'm posting first her barrel video from Friday night and then her barrel run from the fun show from April so you can see the difference in her...

Fun show run from back in April she was wide on barrel 3 but the rest was pretty clean..


  1. Oh your pictures are great! Niece is so little on such a big horse. She did well. I feel for DD - been there many times with my girls. It's hard to see them not do well, but they learn so much then too. Not all days are good, and I can understand how she had wanted to well on first time out. I know she'll keep working hard!

  2. Awe, poor DD! I show cutting horses, I know that feeling of when you know you screwed up, it wasn't the horse. Tell her not to let it get her down, she'll be great!

  3. I know exactly how your girl feels. Going from a horse that is real WORK to ride, meaning they are not finished/polished and won't run a perfect course on their own, to a horse that is pretty much finished is extremely DIFFICULT. When I was running high school rodeo, I ran into a similar problem. I took an old rope horse and trained him on barrels; we kicked butt! But he colicked so I started riding a fully finished barrel horse of a friend's and I sucked on him! I was just so used to having to RIDE my horses that I completely overrode him. We were all over the place! Sounds like they just need more time together; they'll get their rhythm soon enough. And hat's off to your niece! I remember seeing those little bitty kids on their great big horses when I was running gymkhana (I was NEVER itty bitty) and loved watching them!

  4. Poor girl. Tell her we all have off days. Just keep it up and it will all fall into place.