Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Steer & Hello to the Beef~!

Two years ago at our county fair in the petting barn there was this most adorable Jersey Steer! I believe he was a few months old at the time and well my Hubby being the sucker that he is agreed to buy the steer and bring him home after the fair. DD decided to name him Bob...They all had a blast playing with this little guy and halter breaking him. Well the two years have blazed by and Bob was no longer the cute *little* guy he once was, he is now BIG and still kind of cute!

I don't seem to have any pics of when he was itty bitty!

He was definitely a character! Probably higher maintenance than most of my horses LOL!! He was always first in line for feeding and forever chasing the horses off from their food with his treacherous horns. So the decision was made that with Bob grown and becoming a danger to the horses was ready to be housed in the freezer...While I love having good home grown beef I always do get a twinge of sadness when it's time to drop them off. So Bob is hanging out at the meat locker now *pun intended* waiting to make his final trip home...

Last summer grazing the pasture

Over the Winter he decided he wanted to bust out of our horse pasture that he was in and go be with those of his likeness LOL!!

Time to load..

Yes the Hubby did admit that it makes him kind of sad to see him go...

You think maybe he's trying to tell me something?!?!

Goodbye Bob...


  1. What time's dinner? Medium rare, please.

  2. That always hard to do - such a beautiful face! Just don't tell anyone when eating steaks, so they might not finish their meal! That's happened at our house a few times.

  3. LOL! Crack me up. Nothing like fresh Bob, I mean BEEF! ;)

  4. That would be so sad, but I guess that is what happens out there on the farm.
    I was wondering if you took the photo you use as your header? It is so beautiful.

  5. Oh, I can't handle that! My husband threatens to make pepperoni out of the gelding in our back pastured when he messes with the fence.

    Enjoy your steaks!

  6. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Poor guy.

  7. I get sad when we drop our's off too. But the Boss Hog steaks sure are good!

  8. Sharon~ Yes I did take that picture! A year ago Spring time we brought some of our horses from the back pasture to the front and they all went on a stampede LOL! It was a blast shooting!!

  9. Aww Bob was cute!! I'm sure he tastes awesome!!!

    Even though I live in the city and have for years - all my beef comes from the family farm. I told my city-boy husband that when we get a bit of land to call our own we will have a Sirloin and Prime Rib standing in the field for about 2 yrs. He looked mortified! LOL

  10. Awww, so sad. But I hear ya. I had one I let go too long, he ended up goring a horse in the chest. He is now hamburger. And we just did Dinner, who was still a young bull. But now he's hanging, and I hope he's delicious in a few weeks :)
    At least they lived a good life before they provided for our families. I think it's all good.


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