Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Horses...A Little of This and That!!

About 3 weeks ago we made the decision to sell half of our horses. So here I am 3 weeks later and that half equaling 7 horses is now sold....Well I guess 1 is still in process of selling, that one would be Pete. He will go tomorrow for a vet check per request of a couple that wants to buy him (which he just had one by our vet mid February so he will pass with flying colors)!

Friday afternoon we met with a couple that was really interested in purchasing 2 horses but in particular wanted to look at Ebony. They came and rode both Ebony and Pete and figured out really quick that Ebony is a horse that requires total relaxation and a lot of experience as she will test you if she can get away with it.. The husband did a great job with her but it was not a match made in heaven that's for sure! Ebony is the kind of horse that you will either love to death or wish death upon her LOL...Just kidding...Well kind of, at least about the death part! But you might just hate her! She's got looks to kill and an attitude the size of Texas!

Test drive on Ebony....She's sure a beauty!!

So while the husband was riding Ebony the wife wanted to ride Pete so she did, and guess what?!....She LOVED him! She had her hubby ride him and he just loved him! So they wanted a little while to think on it and called a few hours later and laid their claim on him! Now of course you may be wondering about his issues and where he stands with them now. Pete has been with a friend of ours who runs/checks cattle on a daily basis and after approx 3 weeks riding him we have decided that Pete's main issue is when he is given a job he goes into over drive. When he is being ridden on trails for pleasure he is an absolute gentleman and when he is given the job of tracking a calf he does just that! And sometimes the ending result of that is purely him getting hot and wanting more.. SO we discussed with the couple buying him that he is NOT to ever be ridden for any eventing and really should never be used for anything but pleasure trails. Which is exactly what they want! I do want to throw in here that since pulling him from rodeo we removed his tie-down, the reason we put the tie down on him in the first place was his lack of response when checked and turning the barrel. After putting it on him he responded much better, but after taking a step back and looking at the situation we decided that for the most part the rearing was him fighting the tie-down. As since we have removed it he hasn't reacted in that manner, but he also hasn't been rodeo'd so it is what it is, right?! Also DD did ride him Saturday and I am really glad she did because after one trip around she was cheesin and he was happy! So I am glad that before he is gone she got one last ride to reaffirm their bond....The Hubby is a bit sad about losing his horse but he knows that Pete needs to be in a different environment so he accepts that.

My Hubby enjoying his last ride :(

Later the story on Ebony's sale...


  1. Hi Michelle ~ I'm glad Pete's found a place and DD rode him one last time with success, what a confidence builder.

    How's she doing with her new one?

  2. Glad you sold all the horses that you needed too--it is hard though isn't it? Hope you have a great week! :)

  3. I tell ya, even in the world of horses God cares, ya know? I mean, first you find a great horse for DD, and then all of your equines seem to be finding the best homes, which I just think is great! You can't tell me God doesn't care about the "little" things, too. I think that's just awesome!

  4. Glad to hear that Pete has found a new home.
    It would be sad to get rid of a pet like him.
    I can not wait to hear more about Ebony. He is such a beautiful horse.
    Thanks for sharing the last ride.

  5. Sometimes some horses work out way better for different people. If I hadn't seen it myself time and time again I wouldn't buy into that idea completely so maybe that is just what Pete needs. It's sad but better for Pete in the long run.

  6. Awwww, I just love a good story about a horse finding an even better, happier home. I'm sure you know we just sent our little mare off to better pastures, not because we wanted to get rid of her by any means, but because we knew she would have a better, more purposeful life with a different family (and well, we got that other horse too). I've seen lots of horses like Pete; they basically blow up because they work themselves up to so much, they buy into the competitiveness too much. But put them out on trail and they are just puppy dogs. How's your girl's new mare working out??

  7. I think you've done the right thing here, even though it's hard. Max is just the same, he is fine to ride and jump, but when I took him hunting it took him into a 'zone' he doesn't even want to be in and he couldn't deal with it at all. Horses for courses, I guess.

  8. Ebony is a beauty. How neat the couple fell in love with Pete and that he will work out for their pleasure horse. I hope your hubby wasn't too sad! I think sometimes, horses just need to find their niche, with people and "careers", just like we do!

  9. I bet both hubby and DD are going to miss Pete. I bet the new owners are going to really like him for trail riding.

    Can't wait to hear about Ebony. I don't know what it is about black mares...but I have had the same experience with them. We have two black mares left. One is a rider. Megan is going to use her this year. She is a sweety, but if we had not bought her back when we did and let her set for a year...I think she would have been a fruit-loop. The other black mare is just going to raise a baby or two.

  10. Thank you all! It is very sad for me and my family to let him go but it is the right thing to do...

    I will be posting an update on DD's new horse for those of you who are wondering!