Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Testing a New Lens and LOVING It!!!

My brother's wedding is approaching fast, coming up this Saturday! For his special occasion I decided to rent a lens! SOO after much deliberation on what I wanted to try out I finally decided on a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G AF-S DX IF-ED, and boy do I LOVE it!! I was a little leery about renting a lens and really hoping and praying that my experience would go well...I put in my order on a Sunday night and requested it to be shipped right away so it arrived the following Wednesday! So far so good! I am absolutely LOVING this lens!! The bad part is I think I will actually be sad when I have to send it back...Now I'm trying to figure out how to convince the Hubby to buy me one ;)

So I thought I would share some of my deserted country road finds! You can see the awesome detail by clicking on the picture!!


  1. WOW - GREAT shots! I love the one of the junked car and the ramshackle buildings. Yeah, I think that lens may like its new home.

  2. Love the pics! I have rented lenses. And yes, I hated to send it back, kept extending my rental period. I wanted to try one out to check if I would even like it before buying. Of course, I ordered it as soon as I sent the rental back!

  3. Great pictures....never heard of rent of lense... maybe that is why I got tired of my old SLR 35mm camera (bored with the lense) -- Ah Ha! -- your pictures look great!

  4. I'm not much of a shutter bug-I leave all the technical stuff to MH and Meg.;)

    But I'm always amazed at the superior quality whenever they get some new camera or lens.

    Your pics are beautiful and yes, the detail is phenominal.

  5. Oh those are beautiful, are they straight out of the camera or did you do a little color editing? Great shots!

  6. Those are super photos. I would hate to send it back too.
    I have a Nikon camera on my wish list.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck at the wedding.

  7. These are great! Love them! Oh man, I've been eyeing a new lens too, but unfortunately will have to wait... Was the rental fee reasonable? I may look into that just to get my fix for now.

  8. Great pictures, they truly look amazing!! Renting must be a great way to try a lens before buying!

  9. Thanks all!! I am having a blast with this lens!!

    TW~ Yes I am afraid that's what I will do too LOL!!

    BK~ The only ones I really edited to the hilts were the car pics! The rest of them are pretty much SOOC except for burning the edges on a few!

    Sharon~ OH I highly recommend the Nikon's they are truly works of art ;)

    Mama H~ I absolutely think the rental fee was reasonable. I think with shipping and insurance my total was around $170.00 for 3 weeks...Pretty good for me! I used http://www.borrowlenses.com

    PG~ Oh renting before you buy is a great idea! I am really glad I decided to rent this one! There is one more I might try before I buy and it's comparable on everything just more of a distance lens...

  10. Wow, these shots are awesome... so did you buy the lens??!


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