Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pete is Officially NOT Ours Anymore....

Tuesday was the day for taking Pete in to get vet checked by the "prospective new owners", we arrived at the clinic with Pete and first he got his physical exam which the vet said he passed with flying colors!! He tested his range of flexibility in his legs and it was very good for a horse of his age, his hooves are in great condition he was glad to see that Pete was bare and does really well natural. He said his only issue with his hooves were that the sole was slightly on the thin side but pretty much right on with his 16 years of age. Upon checking his teeth he said they too were in good shape but said that his very back teeth were starting to form a point (which we knew but our Vet didn't see it necessary to float his teeth at the time we had them checked) so the Vet told them that he could float them and just nip it in the bud from the start which they opted to do. They went ahead and had a Coggins pulled on him, and gave him all of his shots that he would have been due for in May.

I was so proud of Pete today! Not that I was a bit surprised but he literally stood perfectly still and never balked at anything the Vet was doing! He even told the new owners that he seen NO need to sedate him to float his teeth, and he just grabbed him and filed away LOL!! Now Pete did raise his head up during this but he does tend to do that anytime you grab his mouth. The new owners talked to the Hubby about us keeping Pete for another week or two while they fix their fence. They live on 27 acres and have a creek running through and when it rains the creek swells which then causes issues with his fencing so he had taken a portion of it down to try and secure it better around the creek and is currently working on that. So they paid for Pete in full and we will keep him for a short time, which the Hubby was actually happy about because he wasn't quite ready to say bye to Pete yet.

As I stood at the Vet's office I just had this super sad feeling about Pete. It is so sad to me that here is this horse who I couldn't ask for better manners from but yet we are selling him! I know in my mind that we made the right choice as Pete is ready for a peaceful trail life and we can't give that to him... I do hope and pray that the Hubby will find another horse that he can love as much and can handle being given a job when necessary... One thing that I am absolutely sure of is Pete couldn't be going to a better place. As sweet LeAnna said God does care about the "little" things! She is SO right because I knew in my heart that Pete needed something better for him and I wondered if we would find that. So thank you God for sending the Q's to us!

The Hubby giving his boy some love....

I just love these soft eyes ;)

Thank you to all of you for your kind words through these trials with Pete and all of the wonderful advice and support!


  1. Good for you for listening to his "request" for a new job. I bet he'll be a happy boy!

  2. I'm glad it worked out for you and Pete! It sounds like he is a great horse, and going to a good home.

  3. It must be hard for you, but like you said he is going to a better home.
    I would not stand there that good if someone came at me with those tools.LOL

  4. Glad the vet check went good! It's always sad to them go or know that they are going soon.....

  5. How neat ya'll get to have a good long goodbye with him. And seriously, in this economy, how awesome is it that they've paid for him and are still going to let that happen? I love these kind of happy endings, even though they're a little bittersweet. So glad it's all working out!

  6. Ahhhhh! I know exactly how you feel. It was so bittersweet letting go of our other little, sweet, dependable mare. I am really happy for Pete though. What a great horse he seems to be. Reminds me a lot of a horse I ran high school rodeo on. Soo glad you found such wonderful new owners for him!

  7. Hi Michelle ~ thank you for your kind words on my blog. Wow.. Tooth float WITHOUT sedative?!?! How cool for the new owners they are getting a wonderful horse.

    Have a great day!

  8. Pete is adorable and I am so happy you found him a good home!! I know it is going to be very hard for you guys, but he will be happy!!!

  9. Aww....your hubby looks so sad. I'm sorry. Pete is a special boy and just needed a change in lifestyle. I hope his new home works out for him.

    You guys are so lucky that you've been able to seel all the horses you wanted to. This is not the best time for selling horses, especially not in our area. I thought I was going to have to give Baby Doll away after trying to sell her for a year. And she is an APHA registered foundation bred mare, proven broodmare with 3 foals on the ground, too.
    I basically did give her away at the price I sold her for, but at least I had enough from her sale to buy Apache.......

    That's great that Pete can be floated without sedatives, too. Apache had to be sedated, but that was because the vet dentist used a Power Float. Most horses get scared because they are so loud and really vibrate the teeth.

    Sure hope hubby can find a better horse than Pete, one that will do the things you guys want to do.



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