Monday, March 22, 2010

Diablo....Seriously Do You Know What That Means?!?!

So I am here because I must ask do you all know what Diablo means?! Well I do but I'm thinking my Hubby has missed the memo on this!! Not really, but he is seriously a pushover or sucker for lack of a better word...Have I shared this with you before? Do you know that this man will do whatever he can to help someone! Even if it means taking ownership of "Devil" aka Diablo?!?!

Well yep that's it we now own a "Devil" and I must call him by his name because that's what he is!! OH so you want to know who this is and why we now own him?! Well the lady that bought Ebony owned this 4 yr gelding that she needed to sell because she can't afford board for 2 horses. Well but that's not the only reason, the real truth is this horse is a mess! I don't know how long she owned him but she didn't make a smart purchase when she actually paid money for this horse, and from what I gather he wasn't cheap.

Anyhoo, the Hubby comes in today and says "we're going to take a trip to the city to pick up this horse"....Me~ "what horse"?! Hubby~ "oh you know the one that the lady that bought Ebony owns". Me~ "WHAT?!?! You mean the BAD horse"?! Hubby~ "well he's not bad.....He just bites and kicks and, and, and etc...." UHHH yeah seriously Peeps somebody better get over here and intervene before I knock him in the noggin!!! Of course only to try and knock some sense in there!! And please don't get me wrong this is one of the reason's I LOVE my Hubby so much! He has a heart of gold, but this time he's just plain WRONG!!!

Well of course we went to the city to pick up the Devil and when we pull up his owners are standing there being knocked around and pushed by this horse! I wanted to fly out of the truck and give him a lesson in ground manners right there!! Much to my surprise he loaded right into the trailer, however I was worried because it's a slant load and I wasn't sure if he'd ever been in one! So he was good for about a millisecond, then whats he do?....He rears! In the trailer! OMGosh he is gonna get stuck over the divider!! So we end up tying him both top and bottom (we couldn't leave his head loose as he was trying to turn around in the stall)! He threw a fit most of the way home...

So as expected we stop off at our good friend and horse trainers house Cowboy S so he can take a peek at this little bad runt we have. Devil got a little mini lesson on ground manners because when Cowboy S grabbed him he thought he would just mow him right down! Good thing is Devil learns pretty quick he just forgets after a few minutes...So Cowboy S hop's on Devils back to see how he responds to that and he wasn't bad at all. So for now Devil is in a pen all by himself and the Hubby will figure out what to do with this little project. UGHH!! Men!


  1. Yup, Diablo sure does mean Devil, and WTH was your hubby thinking? Although it does sound like he just needs some firm, consistent handling. Makes you wonder how long he's been a gelding and how he was allowed to act before that happened.

  2. I'm not sure why... but this made me giggle. Maybe the fact that Cowboy S is a big man and he could almost touch the ground while sitting on "Devil".

    By the way my remaining Siberian Husky's name is "Devil". He fits the name too.

  3. Ha! Only a man would take a horse named Devil and believe he can turn him into an angel. :P

  4. Wow-spoiled little thing. No worries though. Sounds like it is just bad manners and can be remedied.

    He's a cute little thing. Maybe hubs can make some $$ on him?

    Sooo...does that give you any concerns about Ebony's new owner's ability to handle her? She is a handful too.

  5. I hope that your hub's new project will turn out to be ok for you.
    Good luck to you and hubby with Devil.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Hope he's just spoiled and you can work it out... When I was 11 we bought a sweet little filly, I turned her into the spoiledest little monster. I'd love to have her back now because I can see all my mistakes I made and I think I could do a lot better w/ her now...

  7. Hey, every man likes a challenge and an interesting project. If I was a betting man (and I'm not), I would bet that the MAN will have that horses trained and behaving perfectly within weeks! Go, man, Go! I'm pulling for you!

  8. Haha! Its your turn! Men are so funny about their horses! You've got the Devil and I've got the Dirty Chicken! He as actually a cute little bugger; really adorable face. I bet you guys will make loads of progress with him, since you seem to actually know what to do with him. Or, your hubby I should say! Good luck!

  9. Oh Wow! You have a real challenge on your hands! Hope Diablo turns into a real sweetie and finds a job he likes! :)

  10. I have a mare named Diablo--but she came that way and it is really in her registered name, Diablos Young Gun, so I was stuck with it.

    It suits her too. She is a bitch from hell in the pasture, but she is a cutting machine who is a dream to handle and ride.

    So there is hope for your dude, that the name won't doom him.

    Be careful!