Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Okay not so much "wordless" but sometimes you've gotta break the mold, right?! My brother is getting married in a few weeks and guess who is doing the pictures?! Yep that's right, little ol me!! So this past Saturday we went so I could check out the chapel lighting and he wanted us to see the "saloon" that the reception will be held in! I am SO excited about this venue, it is an old saloon in "Old Cowtown" which is a living history museum! This setting is based on life in the 1870's, and it is absolutely fantastic! I am SO very excited to do these pictures! So when talking with my bro we were tossing ideas around and he threw this one at me......


OH yeah he is serious alright!!! He LOVES this! He and his wife-to-be are thrilled about doing these shots! I told him that he absolutely CRACKS me up!! There is NO WAY you would catch me laying in one of those for fun LOL!!!

This REALLY made me kinda scared LOL!!

But they are LOVIN it!!!

I will definitely have a ton of fun pictures to share in a few weeks!!!


  1. hahaha - Not sure if the casket humor is for me, but the idea of a 1800's Saloon.. COOL !!!

  2. LOL! What a bunch of crazies! ;) That is a pretty neat setup, though, you're gonna have a blast!!!

  3. This will be a Fun Fun wedding for you all!

  4. I looked into getting married at Old Cowtown complete with 1870's attire! It would have been fun, but I stuck with the traditional. I think this is fantastic and they will remember the fun they had!!

  5. How fun! They need to bring along some chaps, cowboy hats and bandannas to really add to the theme! Good luck with the photos and take a million!

  6. That was funny and I must say they do have a good sense of humor.
    I don't think I could have gotten in that coffin.

  7. Eeeek! So macabre! You're going to have so much fun being their photographer, though. hehe!


  8. Looks like it will be a grand time....happy picture snapping!

  9. Ha,ha! Funny, yet I have to agree with wouldn't catch me taking pictures in one of those!


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